Reviews – Nov 2009


bebelBebel Gilberto – All In One

Bebel is in love. And the warmth and sweetness of that newfound romance can be felt throughout All In One. Known for her adventurous blends of Brazilian, European and electronic pop styles, Gilberto continues to blur musical boundaries on All In One. But the sensual rhythms of her native country dominate the production.

madonnaMadonna – Celebration, The Ultimate Compilation
Warner Brothers Records

The songs which were selected by Madonna and her fans have all been exquisitely remastered. Madonna clearly continues to rule the dance floor with her latest single. Her “Celebration” Remix EP is #1 on iTunes Dance Album chart as well as #1 on the Masterbeat overall chart. Another newly recorded song, “Revolver” is also included.

yuridiaYuridia – Nada es Color de Rosa
Sony Music Latin

Para un talento de la magnitud de la cantante mexicana Yuridia, el éxito es inevitable. Y así de seguro será la aceptación por parte del público hacia su nuevo sencillo, “Irremediable”, primer corte en ser lanzado de su nuevo álbum, “Nada es Color de Rosa”. El álbum está compuesto por 11 temas.

juan_gabrielJuan Gabriel – Mis canciones, Mis amigos
Sony Music Latin

Para este paquete compilatorio de dos CD se reúnen los éxitos que han dado la vuelta al mundo en la voz del carismático artista mexicano, junto a las interpretaciones de algunas de las luminarias de la canción. El primer disco contiene éxitos interpretados por Juan Gabiel, el segundo son temas compuestos por él, en las voces de otros artistas.

space_cowboySpace Cowboy – Digital Rock Star
Red One

While living in the UK, Space Cowboy began spinning in the sweaty London dance club scene. There, he found himself injecting the subliminal rock influences from his father into a new, stirring blend of techno, electro, hip hop and dance. Wrapping it all up in one cohesive pulse, Space Cowboy dubbed his new sound “Digital Rock”.


chef'sChef’s Special
TLA Releasing

Chef Maxi has plenty on his plate. Between running a high-end restaurant, keeping it in the black and corralling his unpredictable staff, who could begrudge him a foul-mouthed outburst, or two, or several? His best gal pal and next door neighbor Alex is desperate to find a good man while sous-chef Ramiro can’t put his hard-partying days behind him.

casi_divasCasi Divas

Alejandro Mateos, uno de los productores más poderosos de México, comienza una búsqueda de talento nacional para encontrar a la estrella de su próxima película. En el transcurso de esta comedia las protagonistas atravesarán por divertidas y conmovedoras situaciones que les harán cuestionarse y descubrir verdades criciales sobre sí mismas.

Warner Home Video

Orphan centers on a young girl who is adopted by Kate and John, a caring couple dealing with a recent tragedy. Almost immediately after bringing Esther home, a series of dark events transpire. As the incidents pile up, Kate beings to suspect that Esther may be hiding secrets about herself and her past. With growing concern, Kate attempts to relay her fears to John and others before something truly awful transpires.


Ice Age 3 Dawn Of The Dinosaurs
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

In the coolest Ice Age adventure yet, Manny and the herd discover a lost world of ferociously funny dinosaurs, including a cranky T.rex who’s got a score to settle with Sid!

Meanwhile, Scrat goes nuts over the beautiful Scratte, but is she trying to win his heart – or steal his acorn?

the_wizardThe Wizard of OZ 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition.
Warner Home Video

The colorful characters and unforgettable songs of Oz come alive as never before with this commemorative edition that contains 16 hours of enhanced content with nearly four hours of all-new and never-before-available bonus features. Entirely remastered with each of the original Technicolor camera negatives.


Design-for-ObamaDesign For Obama
Taschen Press Release

On the one year anniversary of President Barack Obama’s election, Taschen Store New York will launch Taschen’s new graphic design anthology, Design for Obama. Posters for change: A grassroots anthology, November 4th. To buy the book or for more information visit www.taschen.com

EnciclopediaEnciclopedia de los símbolos
Ediciones Robinbook

Este fascinante compendio de los símbolos es una referencia útil para cualquier persona que busca un significado más profundo detrás de cosas cotidianas. Rastreando símbolos a su origen religioso, mítico y/o cultural. Para comprar el libro o para más información visita www.ipgbook.com


GrinchDr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical
Max the Dog narrates as the mean and scheming Grinch, whose heart is “two sizes too small”, decides to steal Christmas away from Holiday loving Whos. Magnificent sets and costumes inspired by Dr. Seuss’ original illustrations help transport audiences to the whimsical world of Whoville. Playing at the Pantages Theatre, November 10 through January 3. More information at www.broadwayla.org