Reviews – October 2012


Copper: Season One
BBC America

A gripping drama, filled with intrigue, corruption, mystery and murder follows Detective Kevin Corcoran – a rugged Irish immigrant cop – as he seeks justice for the powerless in the notorious immigrant neighbourhood of Five Points. Bonded by battle to two Civil War compatriots – the wayward son of a wealthy industrialist and an African-American physician who secretly assists the forensic investigations – Concoran is thrust into the contrasting worlds of elegant and corrupt Fight Avenue, and the emerging African-American community in Northern Manhattan.

Call the Midwife
BBC America

When Jenny Lee first arrives in Poplar, East London, she knows nothing about hardship, poverty or indeed, life itself. Attached to an order of nursing nuns at Nonnatus House, Jenny is part of a team of midwives who visit expectant mothers, providing the poorest women with the best possible care. Here the streets teem with children and with only a single eight-bed maternity ward to serve the whole district, most deliveries take place at home. The series follows Jenny as she travels through the streets to meet her patients.


Harry Potter: The Quintessential Images
By Insight Editions, Warner Brothers Entertainment

The Quintessential Images gather forty-four large-scale posters of cherished characters from all eight of the franchise’s installments into one handsomely displayable book. These artful and iconic images celebrate pivotal plotline moments and highlight each character’s evolution through the years.