Reviews – September 2009


type_bookFaces And Characters Of Distinction
A visual history of fonts and graphic styles, volume 1: 1628–1900
Imprint: Taschen

This exuberant selection of typographic fonts and styles traces the modern evolution of the printed letter, reproducing pages from exquisitely designed catalogs showing type specimens in roman, italic, bold, semi-bold, narrow, and broad fonts. Also included are borders, ornaments, initial letters and decorations, and many spectacular examples of their use. Victorian fonts, spectacular in their complexity, are accorded a prominent place. In addition, examples from lithography and letters by inscription carvers and calligraphers are also included and described.

Includes exclusive access with TASCHEN keycard to online image library: over 1000 high-resolution scans of type specimens downloadable for unrestricted use. www.taschen.com

Eight_inches_bookEight Inches
Author: Sean Wolfe
Imprint: Kensington

Sean Wolfe knows what men want. In his anthologies Aroused, Taboo, and Close Contact, he delivered smart, sophisticated tales of intensely erotic escapades. Now he goes one step further, with a collection of eight interconnected stories that explore the very nature of desire—how it shapes us, drives us, brings us together…and just how far we’re willing to go to satisfy it…

As compelling as they are explicit, these stories offer more than instant gratification. They’re funny, touching, intimate, and complex—and of course, incredibly, irresistibly hot… www.kensingtonbooks.com


agnesAgnes – Dance Love Pop
King Island Roxystars

Her career took off at the tender age of 17 as the youngest-ever Pop Idol winner (Sweden’s “American Idol” counterpart), triggering a string of chart successes in Sweden. The album contains smashes like “On And On” and “Love Love Love”, both already proven hits in Sweden. Through beats and ballads, the album showcases Agnes at her best.

Putumayo World Music

A CD collection featuring a captivating mix of songs by contemporary artists from across Spain, showcasing the country’s diverse yet accessible music styles. The modern music of Spain is a fascinating blend of old and new, reflecting centuries of tradition, diverse regional cultures and international influences. From flamenco to Barcelona’s mestizo (mixed) movement.

aventuraAventura – The Last
Sony Music

Una vez más Aventura se luce con un nuevo disco y nos deja claro porque se han convertido en un grupo representativo del género de la bachata. Actualmente se escucha fuertemente en la radio el tema “Por un segundo”. También incluye temas como Yo quisiera amarla, El malo, Dile al amor, Su veneno.

omar-garciaOmar García
Warner Music Latina

Omar es conocido en el mundo de la música “urbana“ por saber jugar de manera hábil y natural con sonidos que van del Hip Hop al Trip Hop, del House al R & B, del Pop al Rock; a estos le inyecta un contenido lírico muy poético y profundo pero sin reparos, socio-político pero sin politiquerías; sin planfletos. Todos estos elementos encuentran su lugar en su primer corte promocional “Quién Soy“.

letoyaLetoya – Lady Love
Capitol Records

Already shaping up as the female anthem of 2009 is the album’s lead single, «Not Anymore.» The track pulsates with empowering determination as LeToya’s soulful voice reaches out to females who are «fed up» with straying boyfriends. LeToya is a founding member of the multi-platinum group Destiny’s Child.


boot-campBoot Camp
MGM Home Entertainment

Sophie Bauer’s attitude and behavior towards her stepfather gets her sent to a high-tech ‘tough love’ rehabilitation program for troubled teens called Camp Serenity. Located on the island of Fiji, the facility is a penitentiary-style boot camp where teenagers are brutalized and brainwashed. Sophie’s boyfriend Ben arranges to get sent to the camp to try and rescue her. Now on DVD.

x-menX-Men Origins: Wolverine
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Spanning over 150 years, X-Men Origins: Wolverine chronicles young James Logan and his tortured past… from boy, to man, to mutant. From conflicts with half brother Victor Creed, his membership in Team X, his infamous adamantium rebirth and the total memory loss that ultimately fuels his angry quest. On DVD September 15.

RudoYCursiRudo y Cursi
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Sorprendidos por un promotor de talento futbolístico en su pequeño pueblo, Beto y Tato son llevados a la Ciudad de México para jugar en la primera división nacional, haciéndose famosos rápidamente. Con el éxito llegan los excesos y por los mismos, con la misma rapidez con la que logran la fama arruinan sus carreras. Ahora en DVD.

17againflat17 Again
Warner Home Video

Mike’s glory days are decidedly behind him. His marriage to Scarlet has fallen apart, he has been passed over for a promotion at work, his teenage kids think he is a loser, and he has been reduced to crashing with his high school nerd-turned-techno-billionaire best friend Ned. But Mike is given another chance when he is miraculously transformed back to the age of 17. Now on DVD.

Walt Disney Studios

Earth tells a trio of unforgettable stories sure to captivate movie lovers of all ages. Set against some of the world’s most spectacular vistas, this breathtaking motion picture achievement uses the classic Disney storytelling tradition to celebrate the diversity and determination of its animal stars in a heroic journey that covers the Earth from pole to pole. Now on DVD.