Tarotscopes that Slay for the New Moon in Gemini

by Brandon Alter of the Spiritual Gayz

Astrology is a language. We learn it so we can communicate with the divine. We learn it to converse with the cosmos within ourselves. It allows us to talk to each other with spiritual nuance. It allows us to track vast swaths of energies and speak to patterns across time and space.

Astrology is a language, nothing more, nothing less. And like all other languages, it is neutral. Language is neither good, nor bad. Sure, you may prefer how French sounds or Japanese looks. But languages are amoral–and it is only in how we use them determines their legacy.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the language of Astrology has aided hallowed members of the Patriarchy to claim their power. J.P. Morgan wasn’t nicknamed Jupiter for no reason. He capitalized on the language of Astrology to ensure his ventures aligned with his personal stars and met successful ends. Ronald Reagan relied on Astrology to help him navigate a wretched presidency. He would attempt to diminish the reach of certain press conferences by scheduling them during the Void Moon. Or he would try to initiate war efforts during auspicious elections.

These men used the language of Astrology to further their agendas of capitalism, hetero-supremecy, racism, misogyny and homophobia. Are you surprised? Astrology is a language that works and if it works, you can be sure the powers that be are going to use it. But we can use it too, to further our agendas of equity, equality, freedom and justice. And we have to use it NOW.

Astrology is a language and it belongs to us all. As we sit in the stewing cauldron of the US Pluto Return, feeling the heat and pressure building, we must remember where our power can be resourced. The language of Astrology isn’t just for memes, horoscopes or self-help books. It is a language of revolution and redemption. For those of us who speak it well, we must weave it into songs, stories, spells and poems that can begin to remedy the situation we call “current day”.

Gemini Season is a time to remember the power of words. As the first Air Sign of the Zodiac, Gemini energy wants to bring meaning to our experiences through language. We need to remember that how we talk about things defines what things are. Our experiences are ephemeral– now you feel them, now you don’t. These slippery moments only solidify through our ability to crystallize them with words. And words, as insufficient as they are, are all we truly have. How we speak to each other and how we speak to ourselves determines the course of our lives. It’s not only time to reclaim the language of Astrology but all language so that we can use our words like swords and carve out a life worth living.

The New Moon in Gemini, which perfects on Monday morning, is presided over by a retrograde Mercury in Taurus answering to Venus in her home sign. It’s a lunation that wants to help us put our money where our mouth is… both figuratively and literally. Venus (especially when she reigns supreme in Taurus) helps us understand our values. She’s only concerned with what really matters and how we are building our lives around those core principles. Mercury can help us verbalize these values, wrap our heads around them and (especially when retrograde) reveal where others and ourselves have been speaking one thing but acting another.

It is commonly agreed upon that New or Full Moon that succeeds an Eclipse marks the end of Eclipse Season. And so, this Gemini New Moon is a welcome period at the end of a particularly turbulent and intense few weeks. It helps us contextualize the past as a means of empowering us to build the future we actually value. As the Sun and Moon move out of shouting distance with the Nodes of Fate, we are better able to integrate the revelations and crises that have relentlessly visited us since the end of April.

Gemini energy loves to tell stories. And so we will use this penchant of theirs to illuminate the stories that fuel your life. Join us this Sunday at 11 am PST for a totally free virtual New Moon Ceremony sponsored by Saged App. This ceremony is an opportunity to discern which inner narratives help us feel empowered and which hold us back. Using the energy of this lunation we will identify and collectively release the old stories that keep us stuck. And, most importantly, we will activate one new story for our life to propel us towards the things we value most! Our community can join for FREE with a 7-day trial of Saged Premium– sign up HERE.

Due to Mercury’s Retrograde, you’ll find your Tarotscopes to be Jagged Little Pills this month
(Alanis is a Gemini after all).

Child of Crystals

The Child of Crystals (or the Page of Swords as they are traditionally known) is an invitation to own your authenticity in a spiky, sharp, gives-no-fucks sort of way. This is you when you refuse to modulate your character, your beliefs or even your volume for anyone’s comfort. With this New Moon happening in the sign of your Sun, this is a moment to claim yourself for yourself. The New Story for Your Life is the one you choose to tell and don’t let nobody tell you differently.

Man of Crystals

The Man of Crystals (or the Knight of Swords as they are familiarly known) is an aspect of you who isn’t afraid to change your mind. This is Air Energy embodied, which may be slightly unfamiliar for a watery Cancer– but this is a moment to embrace the intellectual, the verbal and the thoughtful. Let your mind be swept clean by this New Moon and give yourself permission to attach to new thoughts, stories and beliefs. After what you’ve been through, you need it.

The Hanged One Rx

Stop resisting the flow of your life. Setting intentions is one thing, but holding up progress is another. The Hanged One signifies a time in one’s life where the river awaits and all you can do is grab a floatie and take the ride. Are you resisting an unusual opportunity? Are you resisting acknowledging an uncomfortable truth? Where could you surrender a little more fully? Trust that things are always happening for you, if only you could stop getting in your own way.

Sage of Worlds Rx

The Sage of Worlds (or the King of Pentacles as they are more commonly called) is you when you step into your ability to call the shots and control the circumstances around you– which is, frankly, something most Virgos are more than capable of doing. But the reversal suggests you might need to hold back some of this compulsion. Where are you over-controlling? Where are you not trusting the people around you to do their job? A good King gives an order and then just stands back and lets it happen. Watch the micro-managing, ok babe?

Eight of Cups

Our hearts evolve over time. Each experience shapes them. And as we move through life, the needs of our hearts change. The Eight of Cups suggests that what you once needed for security and comfort is no longer cutting it. Can you find the courage to walk away from your old haunts and seek out new nourishing resources for your heart? Pay attention to which stories and relationships have outlived their tenure– saying goodbye can be a healing when you’re ready to let it go for good.

Seven of Worlds Rx

The Seven of Worlds is a time to re-organize your life to reflect your spiritual sensibilities– and Goddess knows a Scoprio Sun has a spiritual sensibility or two. This is a moment ot make sure your time and resources are actually in service of the things you give a fuck about. Because our days are limited and so are our bank accounts. Stop tending gardens that you’ll never harvest. Stop putting in time on projects that don’t feel like an extension of your soul. Re-asses, re-group and re-commit accordingly.

Five of Cups Rx

It’s time to make friends with your grief. Stop putting it off for a better day. There’s no better day than this one. Whatever you’ve been meaning to feel, feel it now. Take the box out from under the bed, go through it slowly, feel into each part of the loss. Where you allow yourself to feel the truth of your life, you allow your life to keep moving forwards. Stop your heart from feeling and you might as well be living in a bunker. Don’t resist the emotion, welcome it. As you let it move through you, you might find it leads you somewhere wonderful you’ve never been before.

Three of Crystals Rx

When was the last time you let your mind find your heart? Truth is, your mind is the servant. But your heart is the mistress of the whole kingdom. The Three of Crystals (or Swords, traditionally) shows up to warn us of the potential for self-abandonment or sabotage. Usually we don’t do this on purpose, rather we just let our head’s fear overrule our heart’s trust. But the key of this card is to creatively seek a means to override your ego’s desire to control the whole show. Blaise Pascal said, “The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of… We know the truth not only by the reason, but by the heart.” That’s your task this month.

Three of Cups

The Three of Cups is all about love, babe. Not just sexy, intimate, romantic love– although it can invite that, too– I’m talking about the love of kin, coming together to reflect the brilliance of each other. It’s like the best midnight dance party, where everyone is gorgeous and totally free. This is a time to reflect on who your nearest and dearest are– to reach out to them for support and reflection. If you’re having trouble loving yourself right now, maybe you need to remember how others see you. Borrow some of your closest friend’s love for you and spread it on yourself.

The Star Rx

Kacey Musgraves sung: Healing doesn’t happen in a straight line– and she’s right. Healing happens in many different ways and they aren’t linear and they don’t always make sense. But that doesn’t mean we should just cross our fingers and hope that someday healing finds us. The Star is the card that suggests a healing is trying to find us. But when it comes in upside down we may be running around, too busy to let the healing land. Your job is to create the time and space to receive the healing your wounds have been crying out for.

Two of Wands Rx

Stop resisting the adventure! The Two of Wands wants to propel you out into the wilderness of a new experience. It’s an opportunity to discover yourself in fresh ways and learn powerful skills you never even knew you had. But if you stay locked up in your comfortable kingdom, you’ll never taste the sweet flavor of novel victory. Explore the world beyond your known realm. Venture beyond your regular haunts. There is excitement and magic to be had if only you can surrender to this secutive new quest.

Two of Crystals

Sometimes not making a decision is making a decision. Sometimes you don’t have the necessary information, the insight or even the energy to choose how to proceed. So, for the moment, be in the limbo of not knowing. Choose, for the next little bit, not to choose. The Two of Crystal (or Swords as they are classically called) suggest a period of stillness, mediation and balance that seeks to resolve two powerful and opposing forces in your life. Let yourself surrender to the choices and when the time is right, you may just find that you have reached a place to let the right choice choose you.

BRANDON ALTER is a spiritual healer, Tarot reader, Astrologer, mystic and writer living in Los Angeles. He is passionate about sharing spiritual tools that have helped him reconnect to the wisdom of his heart. Brandon is a thoroughly trained healer and teacher who co-hosts The Spiritual Gayz with his husband, a twice-monthly podcast dedicated to exploring the wide reaches of spirituality, without pretending that it all makes sense. Brandon’s mom took him to his very first psychic when he was seven and gave him his first Tarot deck when he was eleven. Since then he has devoted himself to the study of Tarot, Yoga, Pilates, Reiki, Astrology and the myriad ways one can work and heal with the help of the spirits.

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