The ART of Nancy Lorena Reyes


I am originally from Zacatecas, Mexico I live in East Los Angeles since I was a child. I arrived to this country with only four years. It was not very difficult for me to learn English or adapt to a new life since I have always been very sociable.

Since I was little I liked to color, my brother José and I always had crayons and several coloring books. For me it was like giving life to the characters using the magic of colors. It wasn’t until High School that I discovered that it was easy for me to draw and paint. It was then when I realized that art in general is magical, because creating is magic. I knew how to color, draw and create but there was still a lot to learn. It was until HighSchool when I first discovered a world in color, it’s creating magic that keeps growing and make you learn. A magic where everything your eyes cover is color, where white and gray no longer exist. Where everything your eyes touch becomes color.


Upon discovering the magic of colors I found the love that I have always had for my Mexico, a culture full of bright colors, with its striking catrines, its brightly colored fabrics, the music that makes the hearts vibrate and the reddish colors of the mole. In all my work you can see reflected a little of my Mexico, as well as important events of my life through images, colors or symbols, etc.

Every painting carries a little of me, just as it carries a message for the audience, whoever can identify or relate to the paintings will understand.


Most of my work is in acrylic but art has no limits and I like to learn, experiment, and create other techniques as well as use other art media. Some of my works are pencil, pastel, photography, ceramics, oil, spray, coal, etc.

Now I find myself teaching painting on my own, teaching all I know to children and adults. Also learning new techniques with the spray among other projects that are in mind.


I have participated in small exhibitions with the cultural center of Oaxaca in Los Angeles. I have also had the opportunity to exhibit at the Río Hondo College in the city of Whittier, California where one of my paintings, TIN TAN, was published on the cover of the art department book in 2005.