By: Octavio Pozos

Hello Dear Readers: One of the FACTORS that has great impact on our body for those who are not FIT and never exercise and for those who exercise a lot with high impact on the body is GRAVITY.

Remember gravity is what causes objects to have weight. When you weight yourself, the scale tells you how much gravity is acting on your body. Doing exercise is either jumping, pushing, pulling heavy machines or objects, to name a few. Gravity compresses the spine over time, contributing to chronic BACK PAIN and other issues with joints, ligaments, and muscles.

How we can help our body to decompress the effects of gravity? My recommendation: The Inversion Table. The theory behind inversion says that by inverting a person so that their feet are above their head, makes it possible to reverse the effects of gravity on the body, and perhaps decompress the spine, muscles, and joints. Inversion may also relieve pressure on the DISCS and nerve roots in the spine and increase the space between vertebrae. Other benefits that may occur are improving posture, preserving height, improvements to flexibility, stimulates blood flow to the brain, corrects position of the abdominal organs, and relieves varicose veins.

The use of this equipment will require a great Personal Trainer to supervise and teach you how to use the INVERSION TABLE. If you are going to purchase one of these tables, please make sure that you READ and UNDERSTAND how to ensemble it and identify the specific parts that you have to adjust according at your HEIGHT so you don’t have an accident. Here I will show you how to use this Inversion Table.

INVERSION TABLE: Please take the machine out the box, open it and make sure you have the correct space behind you so you don’t CRASH your head on the back wall.

In the middle of the machine there is BAR to adjust to your height. This will move to adjust so make sure the Safety Pin is locked after you find the right height. Make sure you open and stabilize the machine so it’s steady before you jump on it. Adjust so your feet don’t slip and be the cause of a HEAD INJURIE. Look at the DEVICE…it has three different adjustment sizes SLIM, AVERAGE AND OVERWEIGHT. So, before you get onto the INVERSION TABLE make sure you hold tight. Never use this machine BAREFOOT.

Once you have adjusted the bar with the measurements to your height, straddle between the bar and in front of your foot and ankle embraces. Now slowly rest your back on the upper part of the TABLE. Now place your right foot first on the right embrace and use your arms and hands holding the UPPER MIDDLE ROUND HANDLE of the MACHINE to help you lift. Then put YOUR LEFT FOOT on the left embrace. IMPORTANT: Keep your arms down after getting into the machine and close to your BODY (see image in detail). Your TRAINER must make sure the machine DOESN’T move and it’s STABLE to continue the INVERSION. See image #1. Hold and breath.

Here comes the journey, now bring both arms UP and SLOWLY towards the sky. DOING this with the weight and thanks to GRAVITY the TABLE will be moving to the BACK. Remember keep pressing the weight of your head into the upper cushion and arms fully straight up. See image #2.

In this position is when we know if we REALLY “check and adjust the height” at the beginning of the ENSAMBLE part. LOOK very CLOSE to my position: The length of my height from my feet is CORRECT… WAIST is at the same LEVEL that the CURVE HANDLES are supporting the middle of my body and keeping my arms STILL UP AND EXTENDED will make the perfect balance to keep the INVERSION TABLE like you see in the image…in perfect “EQUILIBRIUM”…Hold this position a couple of minutes and notice how the POSITION of your ARMS will be RESPONSIBLE to move to the next and final movement. See image #3.

Here comes the GRAVITY…as soon as you move your arms from the VERTICAL position towards the back and towards the FLOOR, the weight of your ARMS will move the INVERSION TABLE to reach the position that we look to HOLD and sustain as much as we can. Every person is different so do what you can. To COME BACK to Starting Position MOVE your ARMS fully extended toward the FRONT and always to the SIDE of your Body. Please do EACH step that I mention SLOWLY and FOCUS and NEVER with and iPhone in your hands. Also, always have somebody to WITH YOU in case of a malfunction or wrong assembly of the INVERSION TABLE. See image #4.

To help you see and understand these movements please go to my FACEBOOK: TU ENTRENADOR OCTAVIO or

Octavio Master Trainer.