What Has Your Diva Done For You Lately?

What Has Your Diva Done For You Lately?

OK guys so its time we talk about something a lot of you may not want to hear. Let’s talk about what our Divas have done for us lately. Has your favorite Diva supported our LGBT community? Summer is here and there are many Diva releases as we speak. But before you go out and buy their CD’s, perform them in your drag show, or play them at your local gay club ask yourself, “has this Diva Bitch supported my community in the past?” If the answer is NO then you might want to reconsider your support for her.

jennifer_lopez_2We are at the end of a ressesion and if were gonna spend our hard earned money on a Diva it better be one that has invested her time and efforts to our cause. Remember the Stonewall Riots and all the work we have done to make our community be respected in todays society. Because honey if your not with us, you’re against us. I love Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Jennifer Lopez. I too buy their CD’s and DVD’s but let’s face it, these Diva Bitches are not supporting us.

When was the last time any of these ladies performed at a gay club, attended the GLAAD Awards, was interviewed for a gay publication? OK so there might be one or two interviews out there or gay club performances but let’s face it it was just them throwing us crumbs to keep us quiet. There are not that many Diva Bitches out there who don’t support us but there are enough for us to call them on it. And if bigger Iconic Divas are catering to us like Madonna, Cher, and Diana Ross then there is no reason for these three other ladies not to support us.

And please Miss Lopez and Ms Carey don’t go out there and do any more songs featuring anti-gay rappers like Ja Rule when you wanna feature someone. There are many other rappers to choose from. And yes I know these Diva Bitches love us gays but they sure do have a not su funny way of showing it. Come on ladies your biggest supporters are waiting for you.

And now to the Lovely Divas who do support us in every way possible, hell the ones that have opened many doors for us like Madonna, Cher, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, and Vanessa Williams. There is nothing these Divas won’t do for us. I know for a fact when I was a little gurl growing up in the 80’s and 90’s the first images of gays and travestis I saw came from Madonna. To me, speaking from experience, she is the Mother of us gays. Of course in Spanish we have the likes of Lucia Mendez, Thalia, Paulina and Gloria Trevi who have paved way for us in the Spanish market. We’ve all seen them at our local gay club or read interviews with them in your local gay magazine.

These ladies have fought for our rights in their own beautiful ways. Gracias Senoritas y Senoras. Thank you ladies for showing the up and comers how its done. And to the Carey’s, Houston’s, and Lopez’s of the world take note before you find yourself without make-up artists, hair stylists, and fashionistas because ladies without them you are half the diva you can be. And without gay fans or drag queen impersonators you are nothing!