WILS – Dancing Lights

By: Daniel P”Lopez

Photos by: Casey Jamesnn Wils, the singer, discovered his love of music when he was a young kid in Singapore; there was a talent contest, and his friends signed him up for a singing contest. Wils says he wasn’t able to sing at this young age yet. His first performance was not a great experience for Wils, friends and people laughed at him. So, Wils thought if he could make people laugh by singing, he should get serious. So, Brian took a year to learn how to play the guitar independently. The following year, there was another talent contest, and Wils went up and performed a song By Damien Rice; this time, his classmates cried to his performance.

Wils explains that he wants to be able to change people’s lives through music if he can make them feel a certain way; he wants to create a different feel and emotion with singing. Wils’s influences are Coldplay, Sea, and LOUD. Wils writes and produces his own songs and music.

Wils, the first openly gay (of Chinese Descent) singer, spent a long time in the closet before coming out. His journey was not without its challenges, facing backlash from parents and others. However, the support and love from his LGBTQ+ fans, who credit his music with changing their lives, have been a source of strength for Wils.

Wils makes uplifting dance music and has been doing it for over a decade; Wils says his experiences have been life-changing, and he has learned so much as an artist. Wils was nominated for Best Album and Pop Artist of the Year at the 2014 Los Angeles Music Awards.

When Wils started making music, he said he wanted to connect with people who felt like outsiders. He never thought it would have snowballed into what it was with fans reaching out to him and how his music helped them come out with feeling less alone, which means the world to Wils.

As a singer, Wils says, “There’s so much that I learned to connect with people through music, which has given me enough to really appreciate the time I have in life. From record labels rejecting him because he was gay to the highlights of those fans reaching out to him and connecting with them, Wils has been through a lot but wants to focus on the love, especially from his fans.

Wils loves to dance; he loves music, goes with his friends to electronic shows, and spends time with his dogs. There was a time when Wils felt incredibly lost and alone, and everything felt so overwhelming he just wanted to escape, so he wrote a song called Dancing Lights. Wils says, “You are not alone, and there are people who care out there,” despite those feelings at times when he felt as if he wasn’t ever enough. But after digging deeper into why he felt the way he felt, Wils says it’s nice when you are kind and gentle to yourself, to your body and mind, when you give yourself some time and dive deep into who you are and why you feel a certain way, it helps you to heal. Give yourself a lot of love, a lot of care, and a lot of kindness.

Like Wils’ music, He was sweet and a pleasure to speak with. After a decade of making music, Wils feels it’s time to retire and welcome a new chapter in his life. Adelante magazine wishes you well, Wils.

If you are interested in Wils’ music, check out his website and social media platforms @heywils