Consciously Working the Laws of Attraction

Many of you have been consciously working the Laws of Attraction, while others allow the Laws to rule them. The Laws of Attraction are the laws by which all matter and anti-matter are governed. We humans are matter and therefore subject to these golden rules. The basis of the rules is quite simple: what you put out, you get back. This is an age old maxim used by all the world religions.

kellie2“Like attracts like” is yet another way to understand that you create your own life and are therefore responsible for your life and the things you bring into it. If you can really and truly get behind this concept, you will have the power to bring into your life all that you desire.

My partner and I have been working on balancing money issues. The other day, my partner was both angry and really depressed because he had missed a day of work due to weather. His reaction was extreme to say the least and uncharacteristic of him. Lately, however, the harder he works on consciously bringing wealth into his life, the more stressed and angry he becomes.

He was sitting in his office chair torn between fuming and crying. I wrapped my arms around him and asked why he was so upset. He did not have an answer as he knew his anger was out of proportion to the loss of one day’s work. I asked him if he felt good and he said no and looked at me as if I was less than sane. I then asked him if feeling bad would create what he wanted. He knew the answer to that particular question and almost smiled. I said, “The rules are simple, feel good, get good; feel bad, get bad.” He did in fact not only cheer up, but he’s been a creating fool for the past several days.

Below you will find a list of the rules as I work and teach them. These are taken from many sources and compiled here in the order in which I believe they work best. Experiment with the list and find what works for you.

1. Want: Be very clear about what it is you want and desire. Remove all the old rules about who gets what. Forget ancient messages that claim you do not deserve what you desire. Sit down, meditate and really concentrate on what you want. Put this into a clear statement and tell the Universe and yourself that this is what you are going to create.

2. Gratitude: Be grateful for what you have. This will create joy in your heart and pleasure in what you already have created in your life. Practice gratitude by saying thank you for your home, clothes, bus pass, friends, your lunch. Truly feel happy that you have what you have and the Universe will provide more.

3. Feel: Feelings are perhaps one of the most important steps you can take in creating your dreams. Feel good. No matter what set backs you might incur, feel good. My partner decided that he would move onto another job as a result of his losing one day of work. He is determined that it will be a better job and I believe that he will in fact create a better job. Turn loss into gain, pain into pleasure. Find the best in your situation and be happy. Truly, I cannot emphasize this enough. Feel Good and all else will follow.

4. Become: Become the person who you want to be. Become what you desire. If you wish to be a wealthy person, think, behave and respond as a wealthy person would think, behave and respond. See yourself rich. Use games, wish boards, tricks that will create the feelings of having that which you are trying to bring into your life.

5. Do: The Universe will begin to align and draw the people and the circumstances to you that are necessary for you to accomplish your goals. When you are offered an opportunity, go for it. If you refuse continually, the Universe will not bother making the offers.

I find that if I consciously practice these rules, I feel better no matter what comes my way. I feel empowered and I feel as if I can create what it is I want to create in my life. I can create my world. You, too, have the power to create your life as you want it to be. I would love to hear from you. I love to know how people are creating their lives. Magazine articles have word limits, so it is difficult to go into great detail. There are many ways to create your life. The above rules are what work best for me.

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By Maria Etta Anabel