the Incredible Reality Star & Musician WENDY GUEVARA

By: Laura Moreno

In 2017 something very unusual happened. Wendy Guevara and her friend Paola Suárez went with a group of friends on a typical nature outing to soak up some sun and fresh air when their friends decided to go in search of beverages, leaving Wendy and Paola alone on a remote hillside. The two irresistibly humorous women, all alone with their cell phones, decide to film a short of themselves as if lost in the wilderness. “¡Estamos perdidas! ¡Estamos perdidas!” (We’re lost! We’re lost!) they hilariously repeat, clearly amused by their own antics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACSWKWwPR2g

Not only does the video go viral, but they win an MTV Millennial Award for the video!

In 2019, Guevara and Suárez made their first TV appearance on the soap opera Doña Flor y sus dos maridos (Lady Flower & Her Two Husbands) as special guests.

In 2021, Guevara began a solo music career in electronic dance music.

For as long as she can remember, Wendy Guevara has been in love with fashion. Growing up the new icon worked in her family’s shoe manufacturing business, and still appreciates fabulous footwear.

But she did not begin to don female fashions until a friend, local hair salon owner and trans woman Lucero helped her do so. A group of trans friends would meet at Lucero’s home and have dress up parties.

It was Lucero who baptized Guevara “Wendy” after Wendy Nayeli from the telenovela Amigas y Rivales.

Her enthusiasm and positive energy make it hard to believe she did not have an easy start in life. First, her father’s alcoholism was a constant source of problems for the family. Then, at age 7 the star was molested. A year later she was crossing the street when a truck hit and injured her. These experiences seem to have given her a real sense of what is important in life.
A Reality Mega-StarWinning “La casa de los famosos México” (Celebrity Big Brother) after 71 days of filming made Wendy Guevara the first ever trans woman to win a reality show in Mexico as well as in Latin America.

It’s almost breathtaking to imagine that she received 18.2 million votes, truly a moment to remember in the history of Mexican television.

The night Wendy Guevara won, Mexico City went wild with crowds gathering, car horns honking, and flags being waved as if Mexico has just won the World Cup.

Dealing with sudden fame of this magnitude is not easy for most people, but Wendy Guevara seems to have been born to be a star. Her boundless joy, charisma, honesty and poise have made her a household name in Mexico and beyond. “I can’t believe it, my God!” Guevara exclaimed.

As she told Advocate Magazine, when she recently visited Cuba, she was recognized by a fan who screamed and cried when she saw her in person, something that has been happening a lot to her. But at first she thought the girl had been hit by a vehicle and needed medical attention. No, she was just a fan! “Well, I’m super grateful….she can only thank life and thank the people.”

She also thanks Mexican trans actress Alejandra Bogue for being a huge inspiration to her.

Don’t miss her latest reality show, just released. ViX’s “Wendy, Perdida Pero Famosa” (Lost But Famous) offers an exclusive glimpse into the life of Wendy Guevara, a new stage performer, who tells about her beginnings and her relationship with those closest to her, including her family members and the “hell” team, who helped her win over audiences across the world.