The Perfect Six Pack – Changing your eating habits

Hello my dear readers we are in October and the last weeks of hot weather in California. Many of us are working hard to get our Abs and Physiques tone and fit for the last days of summer.  So that’s why I will show you in this issue options to work your Abs with more advance Exercises and Cool Equipment. I hope by now you know how to do a correct abdominal using only your body weight. In any “Spinal Flexion” or Abs, always make sure your “START and ENDING” are very “Clean and Precise”, “Inhale” when you get into starting position and “exhale” at the ending position and the most important thing is doing it in a perfect “concentric and eccentric” movement. Also, you have to understand that by “changing your eating habits” with a “Great” NUTRITION will make the difference to look LEAN and FIT.  This means stopping fatty Fast Food, Junk Food, and Sodas, etc. Doing our Cardio Exercise (60 minutes at least 3 times a week) will be the key to your success to have a Fit body.

Here are new Cool and Effective exercises to get a Six Pack!!

1.- “TRX” COBRA (Starting and Ending position).
We are starting from the plank so put your feet on the straps of the TRX.  Keep your hands in front of your shoulders and arms fully extended and locked.  Squeeze your abs and keep your body totally flat and straight (see the image). Neck aligns straight with the back, DO NOT let your head collapse between your shoulders (Inhale). Now from the PLANK you will keep your hands right in front of your shoulders and you will contract your abdominals; and as if you were doing a HAND STAND you will elevate your GLUTS and CURVING THE SPINE (as you see in the image) with my legs straight and still together in the TRX STRAPS (exhale). Remember your HANDS are on the floor with your FINGERS spread OUT on the floor to have perfect SUPPORT to bring your HIPS and butt HIGH with full control of your BODY.  To help you do this, squeeze SUPER HARD your ABS as you elevate your gluts and curve your SPINE. You are EXHALING and squeezing at the MAXIMUM YOUR LOWER ABS.  4 sets of 20 reps. See image #1.

2.- “Abs with Legs supported” (Starting Position and Ending).
This machine is in most of the gyms. Make sure to adjust the seat away where you can semi flex just a little your legs and make sure your feet are well into the first grip.  Position your Butt in the middle of the seat (see the image) lean back but maintain a semi-curve in your upper body as you see in the image.  To feel abs contracting already, open your arms and elbows as well (inhale). As you (exhale) you will bring your torso up still with the curve and making sure your head is still tilted forward; elbows open, now go back to the starting position but DO NOT go all the way back beyond the bench or you will pinch your lower back.  Always CONTROL then repeat and come forward.4  sets 20 reps.See image #2.

3.- “Obliques Alternating Legs with Resistance Band” (Starting and Ending position).
Use a Band MEDIUM- HARD to tie on a beam or post that is very sturdy (look at the image).  Now lie down and grab the band with both arms semi flexed and keep your body AWAY from the Post or Beam. This will provide more RESISTANCE for the Crunch (inhale); head off of the floor and CHIN close to your chest twisting your upper body with elbows towards you right knee flexed and keeping the left leg fully straight (exhale). Now always keeping your body with your back off of the floor, twist your upper body to the left side of the left knee flexed;  now keeping the right leg fully extended, always (exhale) at the moment your elbows are moving side to side. 4 sets 20 reps. See image #3.

4.-  “Abs with Resistance Band” (Starting and Ending Position).
Use a Band MEDIUM- HARD to tie on a beam or post very sturdy (look at the image).  Next lie down and grab the band with both arms semi-flexed and keep your body AWAY from the post or beam. This will give you more RESISTANCE for the Crunch. Head off of the floor and CHIN close to your chest, tighten your abs (inhale).  As you (exhale) you will bring off of the floor your head, upper back, shoulders and elbows towards your knees squeezing HARD yours Abs and keeping your knees flexed, then go back to starting position and repeat. 4 sets 30 Reps. See image #4.

And remember a “Bad Trainer” can make you sweat doing WRONG exercises and “hurting you.”  A “good excellent trainer” will make you sweat and will work the muscle you’re supposed to work with “technique”.