Time to Act for DACA Kids/Dreamers

By: Ally Bolour, Esq. Law Offices of Ally Bolour, APC

In a September tweet, Donald Trump decided to end the Deferred Action for
Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which was started under Barack Obama.
Trump set a sunset date of March 5, 2018. Effectively, up to 800,000 DACA
recipients are now at risk of deportation.

Donald Trump also indicated that he would support a permanent solution to the
DACA problem if passed by Congress. With 86% of Americans in support of legal
status for Dreamers, Congress now has the responsibility to provide immediate and
adequate relief to this group of young immigrants.

There are several DACA-related bills currently under consideration in Congress.
The Dream Act (S. 1615 and H.R. 3440) provides immediate legal status to Dreamers
with the possibility of applying for US Citizenship. This bill has bipartisan support
and is the best way to protect Dreamers.

Other bills include the American Hope Act (H.R. 3591), the Recognizing America’s
Children Act (H.R. 1468) and the Succeed Act (S. 1852). All of these bills provide
protection for Dreamers as well as an opportunity to become U.S. citizens in the

The Succeed Act, which has generated much praise on the Republican side has the
most strenuous set of requirements for DACA kids before they’re able to obtain
permanent status and apply for U.S. citizenship. Moreover, it strips Dreamers from
applying for immigration relief under most other categories, even if they otherwise
qualify. Lastly, it has vague enforcement provisions. In short, this bill would make it
very difficult for DACA kids to achieve permanent status.

Absent congressional action, Trump has already stated that he will start deporting
these kids as soon as their DACA protection lapses. Considering that the
government has current information on most of these kids, initiating removal
proceedings against them could be fast and furious.

Crossing the border as a child without any documents is not a crime. DACA kids are
not, and should not be treated as criminals. Providing quick relief to DACA kids
without the necessity of jumping thru numerous unnecessary obstacles is the best
solution for America. According to the Center for American Progress, if allowed,
Dreamers are likely to contribute up to $1 trillion in GDP over the next decade.
Conversely, in 2016, rounding up and initiating deportation proceedings against
immigrants cost the tax-payers $10,856/person.

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