By: Al B.

Well Go USA Entertainment
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During World War II, at the height of China’s war of resistance against Japan, a group of courageous citizens develops a top-secret underground espionage network right under the nose of the newly established puppet regime. At increasingly great peril to their own lives, the double-agents masterfully extract classified information from deep behind enemy lines, an effort that gives rise to the united front that will help turn the tide of the conflict.

Well Go USA Entertainment
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During a hunting trip in Montana, a wilderness guide and former Navy SEAL (Rib Hillis) and his client (Rachel Cook) stumble upon a cache of heist money, unwittingly making themselves the one obstacle standing between a dangerous terrorist group and its lost fortune. Eager to take some of the cash for themselves, the pair learns far too late how easy it can be to make someone disappear in the vastness of Big Sky country.

Gravitas Ventures
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Inspired by true events. Filmed on the location of the actual murders. A group of friends, while on a Christmas vacation to their family cabin in Southern Oregon, learn of a local rumor of an antisocial woman who allegedly murders people and feeds her victims to pigs.

Cohen Media Group
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Famed author Marianne Winckler goes undercover to investigate the exploitation of the working class in Northern France. She eventually lands a job as a cleaner on the cross-channel ferry and develops close connections with the other cleaning women, many of whom have extremely limited resources and income opportunities. As she learns more about the plight of these workers, Marianne struggles with her deception towards them and tries to rationalize that it’s for the greater good.

Freestyle Releasing
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A comic book collector meets two beautiful, mysterious sisters who run a secret collectors’ society. To acquire the rarest of the rare, he must battle a demonic presence in the sisters’ deadly storage facility.

Film Movement
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In Korean folk traditions, “seire” is the twenty-one days after a baby is born in which they’re uniquely vulnerable to bad luck, curses – even evil spirits. Many superstitions surround these first three weeks in a baby’s life, and new mother Hae-mi carefully follows every one of them. Father Woo-jin is reluctantly willing to play along, but when he attends an ex-girlfriend’s funeral, he unwittingly opens the door to dark supernatural dangers. Plagued by terrible nightmares, the skeptical Woo-jin gradually begins to understand the seire custom, as he is forced to unravel the mystery of what is haunting him and his family.

Film Movement
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Jina is the top employee at a call center, but despite talking to customers all day, she has shut out the world beyond her headset. When asked to train a friendly and naïve new hire, Jina’s icy armor is put to the test. Back at home, she must navigate an incessantly ingratiating new neighbor and increasingly urgent phone calls from her father, leaving her teetering on the edge of an existential crisis and forcing her to confront why she has isolated herself for so many years.

Ariztical Entertainment
Available on DVD/Digital VOD November 28
In 2017, a car crashed through the front window of a Los Angeles art space, killing Bdalak, a rising non-binary performance artist. Bdalak’s partner Eli, a queer Mizrahi musician with a past as an activist in Israel, planned to marry them for a green card and now spends his time adrift, communing with others over his grief and struggling with his visa. He soon meets Myrna, and artist making work about immigration, whom he feels can help solve his situation.

Ariztical Entertainment
Available on Digital VOD now and DVD September 22
Dirk Bridle has just been released from prison after 8 years for good behavior. He has always maintained his story of falling asleep at the wheel and not drunk driving that caused the death of a teenager. While in prison, Dirk had an affair with a prison officer, Josh Cummings. Josh has been persistent in tracking down the person who mixed up the lab results in the case against Dirk while Dirk is hellbent on finding the dirty cops who he thinks framed him.

Well Go USA Entertainment
Available on Digital, Blu-ray & DVD September 12
Since losing her husband Mal (Edi Gathegi) in a drunk-driving incident, Sophie (Judy Greer) has struggled to manage crippling grief, a full-time job, and the demands of parenting her devastated teenage daughter (Faithe Herman). When her husband’s best friend Jabir (Payman Maadi), a former physicist, reveals that he has been building a time-bending machine that could restore her former life, Sophie will be faced with an impossible choice—and unforeseeable consequences.