Dear Readers: We continue in lock down and as predicted after the celebrations of Christmas and New Year more infected people went back to their homes exposed to the virus. Almost everything stays closed: NO restaurants, No Coffee places and unfortunately NO Gyms. Our jobs in the gyms have stopped…no money for trainers, instructors, and gym workers. With lots of time at home, here I want to keep your mind busy talking about your health. Young and order people are hurting every day because we compress our disks in the spine thanks to squats with the Olympic Bar and poor instruction from a trainer, driving hours and sitting in the car in traffic and not STRETCHING.

Doing high-impact crazy exercises such as Cross Fit or just lack of Strength in our Body due to lack of exercise may hurt us and perhaps we have to see a specialist to fix our sciatica, pinch nerve or lower back problems. I want to show you the “Pilates Cadillac Machine” which helps you exercise your body and at the same time, stretching and Healing your Spine and also working your CORE or “abdominals”. This all to balance and tone your whole body. Here are some Cadillac exercises:

1). Strengthening and Stretching the Abs and Adductors with the single springs.
Lay down in the Cadillac (see image in detail). Put your feet in the straps and grab the structure of the machine. This is the same exercise in Pilates or Yoga, doing full wide circles with your Legs and making sure that you (inhale) when your legs are up to start; as you do the circles (exhale) and maintain your abs squeezing and pointing your legs and toes and feel the stretch in the Adductors and Abdominals muscles. An AMAZING exercise for TONE and to have Long Toned Legs Ladies…. See image #1. 4 sets-20reps in both directions.

2). Cadillac Bicycles with the single springs (abs, gluts, hamstrings, quads).
Think about when you are sitting on a bike and sweating a little and being lazy. To increase intensity, you put on more resistance and here you are hurting your knees.
Now with the Cadillac, the resistance is just “PERFECT” to work your abs, gluts, hamstrings, and quads. Lay on your back holding the Cadillac and you will flex and move your legs always sucking in your abs and moving your legs towards the front. Slightly lift your back up. You will feel the burn in all the muscles I mentioned. Breath in and out in a controlled manner. 4 sets15-20 reps. See image #2.

3). Abs with the Cadillac with the wood bar.
Lay down on the Cadillac and place your arms (see image in detail). As you
Inhale, you will keep your arms fully straight up. To get the resistance of the springs steady, you will move your upper back and shoulders off the bed doing the crunch and making sure your head moves along with your body. Your abs will feel the work out. Return to the starting position (exhale) and repeat. See image #3. 4 set of 15-20 reps.

4). Abs and Hamstring strength and stretch with the single springs.
Lay down on the Cadillac and grab the machine (see image in detail). Place your feet in the straps. As you (inhale) bring your body up with both legs together and pointing your toes. As you (exhale) roll your spine slowly down, vertebra by vertebra keeping legs fully extended. Make sure after your butt is all on the bed, keep the motion of the legs moving forward and feel the abs stabilizing the movement. Your hamstring(s) will be getting an amazing stretch. See image#4. 4sets 15-20 reps.


To help you see and understand these movements please go to my FACEBOOK: TU ENTRENADOR OCTAVIO or

Thanks to Tony Wiseniewski owner of
ULTRABODYFITNESS GYM. for using his beautiful gym for these pics.

Octavio Master Trainer.