By: MaryKhon

Hello Queeridos!

We’re here! It’s September! We made it through the high months of summer and now we are getting ready for the fall, which, as you should know starts on September 22. Y si no lo sabían, now you know it.

And even if we didn’t know fall was coming, capitalist American has made an effort to “rush the seasons” and the celebrations in order to make money. You don’t believe me? Just go to your local Walmart, Target, or any store and you will are already their Halloween advertisement, and some stores are already trying to sell you stuff for Thanksgiving. Yes, it is ridiculous, absurd, and completely insane. But capitalist America knows there are a lot of people out there “drinking the Kool-Aid,” and it is because of those people that capitalist America will continue to shove meaningless stuff just so you can feel “fulfilled and happy.” But hey, that is another story, much darker in meaning from what this publication intends to share with you, so moving on.

We all know June is Pride Month and the celebrations about our sexual diversity is flaunted all over the place during this month. But, did you know that LGBTQ+ pride, acknowledge, and celebrations continue almost throughout the entire year? That’s right queeridos, somewhere around the world, LGBTQ+ individuals are planning a celebration of their existence just as a write this column.

But let us not go into the metaphysical and actually speak of real LGBTQ+ events that are happening during the month of September. There are, for example 16 different Pride events happening in the nation during this month, among them Vermont Pride, Charleston Pride, Dallas Pride, North Carolina Pride, Tucson Pride, and one just around the corner from where I live, Oakland Pride. And just as there are national Pride celebrations in September, we also have LGBTQ+ Pride Celebrations around the world. There are celebrations is Austria, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Germany, Montenegro, and the United Kingdom.

And that’s not all, queeridos, besides the many Pride Celebrations around the world and around the country, there are also other type of LGBTQ+ events/festivals going on. That’s right, we have, for example, “Austin Splash Days,” which is a 4-day LGBTQ+ event to raise money for the Austin area LGBTQ+ community. There is also “Burning Man” in Nevada. Yes, I know. This event doesn’t seem to be LGBTQ+ exclusive but, have you ever been to it? It is the queerest event ever done in the nation. And when it comes to being different and queer, trust me, this event is just the right place for queerness expression. At the same time Los Angeles is hosting “Out on the Mountain,” which takes place at Magic Mountain Amusement Park in Santa Clarita. Yes, you can go to the park all day long and then get your wristband to stay behind for the private late-night “Out on the Mountain” event. Of course you have to buy tickets in advance for, after all, the event is to raise money and support different LGBTQ+ organizations in Southern California. And while Southern California has its thrills and chills, we in Northern California couldn’t stand behind, for it is in the month of September that we have our, always anticipated and very well attended “Folsom Street Fair,” which is the famously infamous street fair that draws in the leather/kink/alt-sex community from around the world. And if you have never been to it and have no idea what the leather/kink/alt-sex community is all about, this is the place for you to learn all about it while enjoying and perhaps discovering what makes you tick as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

As you can see, queeridos, just because “Gay Pride Month” came and went doesn’t mean we don’t continue celebrating our sexual diversity and identity. In fact, I’m willing to bet that we actually celebrate our queer identities every single month of the year in different ways, shapes, and forms. Except that those celebrations are not widely advertised or recognized the way GAY PRIDE MONTH is. That is a good thing because we would be, unfortunately, fighting with the homophobes all the time, the way we do during gay pride month. Not that we couldn’t stand a chance but, isn’t it better if we just simply go on celebrating our queerness without dealing with the nuisance coming from the idiots?

Anyway, September is here and the LGBTQ+ celebrations, acknowledgements, festivals, parties will continue year round. In fact, while I’m writing this article I’m already thinking how I’m going to spend Gay Christmas. Wait, you don’t know what “Gay Christmas” is? My dear, sweet child. That’s what I do. That’s what I live for. But I will talk about it next month!!!

For now, celebrate your queerness, queerido. We only have one life and we never know when such life will be over…. So celebrate! Celebrate to the max! Hasta next time!