By: Daniel P’Lopez
Photos by: Noel Photo Studios

American Idol has been around for over twenty years now and many singers have come and gone throughout the show’s long run. There have been some big names that came out of American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and many others who did not win the competition but gained popularity such as Adam Lambert, David Archuleta, Chris Daughtry and Academy award and two-time Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson.

Back in 2008, season 7 of American Idol, there was a kid with a talented voice from Phoenix, Arizona David Hernandez, who started singing at a young age. David recalls that his mother used to play vinyl records by Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Wintney Houston, and The Temptations. He would emulate their singing style until he evolved a sound of his own. He auditioned for a musical theater show called The Canterville Ghost. He won this audition by singing, “I Will Always Love You,” by Whitney Houston.

David loves being on stage and giving the audience what they want. At the age of seventeen he started singing with wedding bands and at bars. He eventually got his first record deal at the age of twenty-one. It wasn’t until he reluctantly decided to audition for American Idol when things started to take off for David who went all the way to the top 12.

David was one of the power voices and was praised well by all judges from that year, including Simon Cowell who was known to be very blunt and critical to contestants. David seemed like he was on the right track with going far with the show. That was until the stories came out about David’s former stripping days at gay bars.

A week after this scandal came out, his ratings plummeted, and he was sent back home. At the time David was crushed, it felt like the end of the world for him, this was the peak of his career. Not to mention how he was basically outed before he even came out to the public. David kept on, never forgetting his love and passion for music. He has continued to tour for over six years with his music and is still friends with many of the contestants from the show.

It wasn’t until recent years that David finally came out and embraced being gay around the time that he released his single Beautiful. The American Idol alumni has a new album out called Don’t @ me, music that he wrote and produced himself. Every song is different and engaging from the sound to the lyrics, to the way David uses his voice, with such versatility and raw talent. David’s music is out on iTunes and you can find his music videos on YouTube.

David still does theater and performed Naked Boys Singing in Las Vegas. David has no problem showing off his body not just his music. David has an only fans page with nude, yet artistic photos of himself. He also has a new book of erotic artistic photos called #NSFW (Not Safe for Work). David is a man with many talents and wants to work and collaborate with other artist and hopes to get into television and film.

David is blessed to have made music and embraces the platform that American Idol has given him. David is looking at his life with being brave and going against the grain, ‘being who you are without wondering what the popular opinion is, as long as you are true to yourself, your goal to be happy should be your main motivator’. As long as David is happy and is doing what he loves to do, that is all that matters to him, he quotes, “the sky is the limit”.