Kresley Morales First Runner Up, Mr. Gay World USA, Massachuttes


Name: Kresley Morales
Age: 30
From: Venezuela now lives in
Boston, Massachusetts
Occupation: Social Worker / Model / Dancer / Actor

Photos by:
Mark Danner

Picture from contest:

Eduardo Fermin

Diego Ramos

The annual Mr. Gay World competition aims to find an ambassador for the international LGBTQ+ community from a diverse range of delegates who represent the spirit of their nation and embody qualities such as confidence, self-assurance, charisma, and natural leadership. Mr. Gay World USA is the official national qualifying competition to send our representative to Mr. Gay World Finals that will be held in Cape Town, South Africa later this year.

Kresley Morales placed as the First Runner Up in the Mr. Gay World USA contest representing the State of Massachusetts. He also won the categories of Best Body in Swimsuit and Best in Community and Social Cause leadership.

The Mr. World USA Contest was held in November 2021 with 12 finalists chosen from a preliminary field of 40 who represented their different states. The contest came down to two vying for the crown, Mr. Maine, Tony Ardolino, and Kresley Morales, Mr. Massachusetts. In the end, Tony, Mr. Maine won the contest and Kresley was chosen as the First Runner up.

Originally from Venezuela, Kresley is rising as a successful model and performer. But aside from his stunning good looks, self-confidence, and charisma, he has a special passion for doing good things for others in his life and in his work. That passion is helping those who are less fortunate than him, mainly in his native Venezuela. Kresley says he donated the prize money he received from the Mr. Gay World USA contest to help students in a public school in Venezuela.

Kresley is using his rising stardom to propel The Sky Is The Limit a non-profit organization he formed which with its two first active programs Dressing Smiles (Vistamos Sonrisas) and Meds Aid provides clothing to poor people in Venezuela and provides medicines to sick people who can’t afford to buy them.

This community charity work in which he is involved moved quickly when the Covid-19 pandemic started and Kresley found himself unemployed. With time on his hands, he decided to work further on his non-profit to help others. He was able to get community support from his social media and enlisted the help of family members in Venezuela to help distribute the supplies. Friends, colleagues, and others were quick to support him in donating clothing, medicines, and funds for the delivery of the supplies to where they are needed.

Adelante: Where did the name Dressing Smiles come from?
Kresley: Often when people receive the clothing, we provide they smile. That’s how the name came about.

Adelante: When did you start participating/competing in these types of contests?
Kresley: 15 years ago, I was in the Mr. Young Venezuela contest.

Adelante: How was the Mr. Gay World USA contest for you?
Kresley: It was an amazing experience and I enjoyed meeting and being with the other 36 guys in the contest. They were all great and I made many friends who I keep in touch with.

Adelante: Why do you think these types of contests are important?
Kresley: Many times, when people come into contact with dancers or models for the first time, they may view them as superficial. In my case, I have a big heart and a passion to help others. I feel it is important for people to open themselves up to the opportunity to get to know people like me and learn what I am trying to do for my community. I feel these types of events provide that opportunity.

“I’m proud because I won the part of the contest for the contestant with the best social responsibility. I did not participate for just the title. My goal was to promote the non-profit I run. The Mr. Gay World organization is a great platform because they are not looking for just beautiful men. They are looking for those with a cause. I don’t need a beauty title. I seek a platform to promote my social causes.”

Adelante: What are the major challenges the LGBTQ community faces?
Kresley: I feel we need more respect and tolerance inside of the LGBTQ community and in the larger community. For example, some people with HIV, continue to feel discriminated against because other people feel scared of their status. Or with Trans men and women, some may look at them differently because of who they are and I think that is sad because we need to be united and supporting one another. As a dancer, I interact with many Trans persons and they tell me they feel discriminated against at times even in the LGBT community itself. I feel a lot of us want respect but we don’t always provide that same respect to others.

Adelante: Anything else you’d like our readers to know about you?
Kresley: My passion is helping poor people. I grew up in a poor family with few opportunities and many people helped me become the successful man that I am now. I am very grateful and now that I am able to help others, that’s what I want to do. Also, I’m a very honest person and family and friends are the most important things to me. I want to be a role model of success for younger people and those who come from poor backgrounds so that they can see they can be successful as well.
I also want to be an ambassador for the LGBTQ community, I’m married for five years to Jair Barril we stay strong and proud supporting the community’s rights like same-sex marriage.

Kresley’s goals are growing his non-profit to help more people and pursuing his modeling career. He currently has offers to model underwear with Roberto D’Silva (@robertodsilva) and clothing with Moses King (@moseskingmenswear) clothing designs. So, check out those brands.

Kresley’s social causes are listed on his Facebook ( and Instagram account (@kresleymorales). You can also support his fundraising causes via his Go Fund Me links (follow his videos and social media to know more about those). Kresley dances at La Maquina del Sabor in Boston on Saturday nights and will participate in the Boston Gay Pride festivities on Saturday, June 13, 2022.