By: MaryKhon

Ding! Dong! Queeridos!

December is here and that means, celebrations, food, parties, family dinners, cocktail hour, Santa Claus, Elves, annoying Christmas music, snow/rain/cold, overpriced drinks, family reunion and a shitload of stress!

That’s right! In the spirit of the holiday season and the celebration of the new year, we work ourselves to the bone just to make sure we provide the perfect experience for our friends, family, love ones, and hookups! Don’t say it isn’t so, queeridos. I know it’s true because I’ve done that once or twice. And If I’ve done it, you have done or you will, without a doubt, do it!

Why? Because we live in a capitalist world, queeridos! And not all of us are aware of the machinations of capitalism, using any day, any opportunity, any holiday to tell us that what we are doing is not enough or it may be enough but it isn’t the best.

We must have a bigger car, a bigger house, a bigger entertainment system. And how can we watch TV without having 3 million channels available? We must have them all or who the hell are we, anyway? We need the latest phone, the latest computer, the latest video game, the latest app in order to stay connected, because FB, IG, TT, and whatever else is out there is not enough. Or maybe is enough but we don’t have a million followers so we must be losers.

Life would be so much simpler if we just didn’t pay attention to American capitalism and consumerism. The amount of stress people feel from trying to find the “perfect gift,” host the “perfect Holiday party,” have the “perfect outfit,” and gain approval by the “right people” is just a result of the competitive and individualistic philosophy of the country.

Starting with Thanksgiving, the pressure people feel is enormous. People, regular folk who must impress everyone else, turn into very mean individuals at the supermarket on the days leading to Thanksgiving, while others turn into very mean spirited individuals during the holiday season.

It is said that Christmas time is the most beautiful time of the year but it is also the one that has most suicides, mainly because the pressure people feel just to have approval from others and also the depression many individuals experience because they are not with their love ones, or there is no money to have the perfect Christmas, that perfect family reunion, that perfect holiday season.

This “necessity” of having the “White Christmas” is a result of Hollywood’s romantic and fantastical ideal for the perfect life, which in return is pushed by capitalism and consumerism and well, there you have it.

Why do I say that? Every year, even before Halloween, stores are already packed with Christmas decorations, trees, and all the bruhaha for the holiday season. I mean, it’s not about the Christmas spirit but about the money. It is sad, very, very sad.

But I’m sure you’re aware of it all, right? Because you also go to the store and when you see all the Christmas stuff you either are appalled by it or a big smile comes to you. Either way, I’m not judging.

You might think that with everything I’m saying that I’m a bitter old queen. But no, queeridos. I’m an old queen but not bitter. I do actually enjoy the Holiday Season, I like the Christmas music, and the tree, and the Christmas theme films, and the happiness that it brings, but only during the time it is supposed to be: after December 12 and before December 27, not before, not after. That is it. That is what Christmas should be. Two freaking weeks and no more.

But I think I’ve beaten this subject for way too long now so now I’m just going to retreat to my kitchen so I can bake the ginger cookies I promise to take to the Christmas gathering. They think I can bake, little do they know the only reason they like my ginger man cookies is because of that special ingredient.

Irregardless, Christmas is upon us and it is best to enjoy it without stress and pressure from the outside. Go out and have fun, enjoy the Christmas dinners, and Christmas cocktail parties. Enjoy the Christmas films and Christmas theatre events… and no, you don’t even have to be a religious believer to enjoy the season. There are no rules and no requirements to be part of the festivities. And if you don’t celebrate at all, then, take the time to appreciate being with others and appreciate the opportunities offered to you during this time. In other words, queeridos, enjoy life, enjoy the season, enjoy the day, enjoy the moment. At the end it is all that matters.
Happy holidays and Merry New Year to all of you!