Gay for Pay

Ok guys so the term gay for pay has been around in our community for a while now but it’s not until it makes its debut on a popular talk show such as The Tyra Banks Show that it really becomes an issue to talk about. In case you don’t know the term gay for pay is a label put on self proclaimed straight men who work gay jobs. This means any self proclaimed straight man working at a gay bar as a bartender, stripper, barback, security guard, etc, etc. Now these guys are not as gay for pay as the other kind of gay for pay are.

Photos by Samara Riviera
Photos by Samara Riviera

The biggest gay for pay men are the self proclaimed straight men who do gay porn. Those are the biggest cases to study next to the self proclaimed straight male prostitutes who cater to gay men. Of course these guys are in a little bit more deeper into their gay jobs because they actually have sexual contact with other men. Were talking real men on men sexual action here. So, what makes these self proclaimed straight men work gay jobs when there are many straight jobs available? Are they really bi curious? Or are they just open minded individuals who take a job where the most money is and don’t care what it involves?

OK, so let’s talk about the easy ones to understand. I mean working at a gay job if it’s a bar is a little bit more easy to understand because they are not actually having gay sex. Or at least its not part of their job description. What they do after work is up to them and not what were talking about here. Let’s take the strippers first. OK, so these guys are self proclaimed straight men but work as strippers in gay bars where men not only man handle them to put money in their g string but they actually grab their manly sexual organs.

Why would a straight man prefer that job over one where he strips for women which is what they are supposed to be attracted to? I mean is it because there aren’t many straight stripping jobs? If so then why become a stripper at all? Does he secretly crave that attention from gay men? Or is it just that their so high on drugs that they don’t really know or care what’s going on as long as the cash is there? I’m just throwing these options out to try and understand people. And what about the bartenders, barbacks, security guards? Now these we all know there are more straight jobs for those than gay jobs. There are more straight bars anywhere in the world than gay bars so why work for a gay bar if you’re straight? I mean I guess you trade the big money (assuming there is more money for them at a gay bar) for a little flirtation here and there with a gay man. Now the ones that really get me and fuck with my mind are the self proclaimed straight men who do gay porn and or prostitute themselves to gay men? I mean come on. If you’re a real straight man how can you possibly get yourself aroused sexually by a gay man? That’s a big mystery to me. And what really gets me is that they don’t even try to call themselves bisexual, which in my opinion is really what they are, they call themselves straight. I honestly think that is a big disrespect to the real straight men out there who don’t choose to have sex with gay men. Come on! I mean even I can tell you there are some real straight men left out there in the world. Jajaja!

Well, I’m sorry I don’t really have an answer for you guys on this one. But if you’re curious to find out next time you’re at a gay bar and see a gay for pay self proclaimed straight man working there, ask him. And get a straight, no pun intended, answer from them. By the way I’m not against it or anything I’m just like Tyra here trying to get to the, no pun intended, bottom of this. Well, whatever the reason for their actions is we might never get a straight answer but for now I’ll take advantage of the gay for pay strippers who really get me going and fuck with my… mind at my local gay bar.

By Samara Riviera