Get your handsome on; Alpha male cosmetics innovator Anttoni Lopez explains How

Alpha Male Cosmetics are made special for men.  Anttoni Lopez, the company’s founder says he created the products in response to seeing numerous friends and colleagues struggle with their skin and appearance issues.  This led him to explore new ideas and formulas to solve these issues.

Alpha Male Cosmetics is the first full line of products designed exclusively for men and their unique skin conditions.  The products are made for the Alpha Male and are water based and organic and reported to leave one’s skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.

A feature of the company, Alpha Male Cosmetics indicates their products are formulated to enhance only the most handsome features men already possess.  Lopez says since the company launched in 2017, their goal has been to provide both a superior customer experience and unique life enhancing products for its customers.

Lopez was 27 and working at Macys when he was hired by a cosmetic brand to apply makeup to shoppers.  He had never done it before but quickly discovered that he was a natural.  “I found that I really enjoyed improving people’s faces with the wave of a brush,” he remembers.

Five years ago, Lopez launched the make-up company for men.  “Back then, the morning grooming routine for most guys was shampoo, shave and maybe a bit of hair gel,” he explains.  “Guys are taking much better care of themselves these days.  They want to feel and look good.”

Lopez says his products address conditions that are unique to men’s tougher skin.  “Applying a blade to our face leaves many of us with razor bumps, ingrown hairs and dark spots.”  He says Alpha Male Cosmetics’ foundations, primer, liquid concealers, BB Creams and setting sprays work to help correct these conditions while also covering them up.  He says the aim is to enhance a guy’s handsome without taking away his masculinity.

Adelante:  What has the reception been like for Alpha Male products so far?
   Humbly and with the most gratitude I am pleased to share that the reception has been very well received. Through the recent promotion of our sample packages, more men have been able to quench their curiosity in wearing our products. The reviews and comments have been positive and encouraging. We have noticed that more men are finding themselves more accepting and comfortable wearing makeup. It prides us to provide a series of products that can assist in increasing the confidence, self-esteem and happiness in the everyday man.

Adelante:  Are you seeing similar interest in the product among gay and straight men?
  In all honesty I have no clue. We do not collect the demographics of our customers.  Our brand values represent the equality and acceptance of all men, from every walk of life.  We do not represent one specific category of men. We market and advertise in various markets to cater to the vast majority of men in the world. Alpha Male Cosmetics was made for M-E-N…..period.

Adelante:  What are the barriers, if any, to men using make up products?
   If there were any barriers to men using make up products I would have to say that lies within the eye of the beholder. We live in a society today where it has become very accepting of the most outlandish things. (Knocking on wood) we have not received one compliant regarding any setbacks or negative experiences as a result of Alpha Male Cosmetics.  When I created this line my #1 concern was to never compromise the integrity of men. I never want you to know when I am wearing makeup and that is the experience I have created for you. With our 20 plus color palette we’ve made it possible for most men to find their perfect match.

Adelante:  Are you having to break-through cultural norms? If so, what are these, i.e., machismo?
  There are quite a few cultural norms that embrace men wearing makeup. South Korea has huge acceptance and market for men wearing makeup. As for our side of the pond we still have a bit of work to do. However, we are not far from a massive breakthrough in the beauty industry for men. This journey has rough, trying long-suffering, exciting, encouraging, life changing and humbling to say the least. We are prepared to address any obstacles that stand in our way. Rome wasn’t built over night.

Lopez has been featured on numerous television shows and in print media for Alpha Male Cosmetics.  He is featured on this month’s cover of Adelante Magazine looking very handsome we must say.  So please checkout his website at www.alphamalecosmetics.com and order some Alpha Male products and get your handsome on.  We want to congratulate Anttoni Lopez on his success with Alpha Male Cosmetics and for his innovation and as a successful entrepreneur from our community.