Jealousy is a low energy based in fear, yet it is commonplace in our society. Why? Why are we jealous of our mates, our neighbors, our friends and family? We are living in fear when we are jealous and there is nothing productive about fear. It is life depleting and if you feel jealous all the time, you are sabotaging your life.

People who feel jealous are lacking in trust. When in a monogamous relationship, they do not trust their mates, or themselves. When we are suspicious of our mates all the time, we send the message that they are not worthy of our trust. Sometimes we create the exact climate that Okays a suspicious behavior. We are not the cause of their cheating on us, but we are responsible for our part in it.

Many times a distrustful, jealous person will actually draw people that are not trustworthy. The reason for this is because jealousy creates imbalance and the Universe being generous beyond our dreams, supplies us with the exact opportunity to stop being jealous. The more opportunity we have to feel jealous, the more opportunity we have to STOP feeling jealous and to balance our life depleting feelings.

When we are jealous of a neighbor or friend who has something that we want, we are distrustful of ourselves. We do not believe that we can bring into our lives what they have brought into theirs. We do not believe in our ability to attract the things that we want and so we are jealous of those who can draw into their lives the things that they want.

We are afraid that we will never have anything. We feel abused and that we are not good enough. Every life depleting emotion stems from fear. If you are jealous, then you are afraid. Living in fear is crippling, and it can lead to loss and devastation beyond what we feel we can endure.

If you have jealousy issues, then start by acknowledging your jealousy. Do a life assessment and look at all the ways you feel jealous. Every time you have a jealous thought, balance it by using an affirmation that counters your thoughts. It may not make you feel any better to in the beginning, but say the words and eventually your feelings will follow.

If your neighbor has just bought a new car and your thoughts are negative and critical then balance them by saying the exact opposite. If you are thinking, “he is just showing off with that new car or I would never have such a big car or I cannot afford such a nice car,” you have just sent your message to the Universe. You have just told the Universe that you do not want a nice new car.

Stop the thought the moment you are aware of it, mid-sentence if possible. DO NOT finish the thought. Instead, replace the thought with something positive. “That is a really nice new car and I’m getting a new car, too or I’m glad he got a new car. It shows me what is possible and I’m getting a new car.”

If you have brought in a mate that cheats, then you must either learn to live with it or get out. If you have discussed your feelings and he is still cheating, then it is time to move on. You may feel as though you will die without him, but you will not. Many people have survived infidelity.

Getting out and saying, “I will only be in a monogamous relationship with someone who loves me,” is far more empowering than continually enduring the pain of a cheating mate. Your message to the Universe is positive and life affirming and you will balance your attractor field so that you will draw the mate you really want into your life.

Feeling jealous may cause you to draw in others who also feel jealous. Do not listen to others when they speak of their jealousy. Do not encourage their feelings. Do not be a part of a group that criticizes others for having what they want.

Do speak in positives when someone says something jealous and negative. By speaking in positives, you will begin to draw in the kind of friends who encourage you and one another to succeed. Our friends can be either life affirming or life depleting, and we get to choose who our friends are, so choose positively, and you will change your perspective from jealousy to one that encourages wins.

Think positive and you will feel positive and your message to the Universe will be “Give me more to feel positive about.” That is a winning combination to balance jealousy and pain. Your life will change so dramatically by focusing on the positive that you will feel great and draw great things into your life.

By Maria Etta Anabel

Maria Etta Anabel is an Energy Therapist. If you are interested in energy therapy, you may contact her at: [email protected]