By: Daniel P’Lopez

Josielyn Aguilera, a young Latina trans model turned actress, stars in her big acting debut on the hit show Quantum Leap. This past episode covered the topic on trans kids in sports. I was fortunate to be able to attend the watch party in West Hollywood with the director/Writer Shakina Nayfack and many of the cast including Josielyn.

It was an amazing experience to witness something positive, beautiful, for all people especially trans and trans people of color. Shakina touched the hearts of many with this heartfelt story that needed to be told with grace and elegance.

LGBTQ people nowadays are finally being seen and heard not just in entertainment but in general. It’s a great thing that LGBTQ people are finally being represented in a good way with stories that depict real issues and topics and puts LGBTQ people in a good light. We have always been here and always will be here, we are human, we are people, and we are normal like everyone else and this show showcased that.

Josielyn, plays Gia a trans high school student who is getting flak from playing on the girls’ team. Gia’s parents are %100 supported in every way with their daughter and do what they can to help Gia. The powerful message in this episode is that everyone should be treated fairly and equally and that trans people matter as everyone else.

Josielyn was born in Mexico and came to the states with her mother and sister at the age of five and moved to Northern California. She says she always felt different and felt like a girl and transitioned in high school. She lost some friends on the way but also gained a best friend. Joseilyn says her mother and sister have always been 100% supported.

It means a lot to Joseilyn to be working on projects that portrays a character that can be a role model for other trans kids since Joseilyn says she never saw a trans positive model growing up. And a dream of hers is to continue acting and continue being a part of amazing projects to aspire other kids to dream even bigger.

Please remember to support up and coming talent and youth like Josielyn especially in the LGBTQ community. We all need to help each other out and show love and support for work such as film and tv, music, arts, and just any and everything else in general. Joselyn is also to appear on Love Trip Paris airing on Freeform and on HULU. Quantum Leap is on NBC and Peackcock TV. If you would like to reach out to Josielyn you can follow her on Instagram at @josielynaguilera