Meet Rising Queer Pop Artist Adam Cola

Meet Rising Queer Pop Artist Adam Cola
Interview & photos provided by EFGPR

We had the pleasure of chatting with artist, activist and dancer Adam who recently released his single, “Make Your Mark” and is set to release his debut
album soon. Check out the below for our 1:1 chat with Adam below.

Thanks so much for chatting with us.

What first got you into music?

My whole life, I’ve wanted to be a performer on stage singing and dancing and connecting with people. I started pursuing smaller projects with record producers I had been referred to in the industry and one thing kind of led to the next until I had a team of people working with me to help me get my start in music. I’m influenced by the big pop stars of generations present and past, including Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Usher and Justin Timberlake.

Tell us about your new record, “Mark Your Mark,” produced and co-written by Neal Pogue.

The song packs a punch. I like that it’s more of a straight-up pop record compared to some of my other releases that pull from different genres more. It has a similar vibe to my song “Dancin’,” another favorite of mine.

Who or what inspired you to the path of music, dancing, and being an activist?

Growing up, I found myself in a community that didn’t encourage individuality or self-expression. I went to Jewish elementary and high school and always had to wear a uniform. I remember always wanting to switch it up in some way, by wearing my own t-shirt underneath the school sweater or wearing colorful shoes. I just wanted to be myself but I felt like there was no room for it, so I suppressed my true identity behind an image I felt pressure to uphold. I think by suppressing my identity for so long, I didn’t want to accept the truth about my sexuality and continued playing along with this image I had created. I started self-harming as a way to cope with my fear of rejection and disappointing others. It’s my experience that has opened my eyes to why it is so vital to embrace your true identity. It’s what has set me free after all those years.

What social issues do you usually work on?

I think it’s vital to the world to have diversity represented in film, television and music. Each person has their own story and background that shapes them into the person they are, and to have it represented on a big screen allows those people to feel human and to know they are not alone. Art is a representation of real life, by transferring emotion from one person to another. To be truly great, it must be genuine — and to have diversity represented in the arts is a mirror to the diverse world shared by all.

Why do you think these issues exist?

Sadly prejudice is taught and I believe no one is born to be prejudice. I’m pleased that much change has happened recently and I hope this contuneis.

If you had the power, what changes would you like to see happen right now?

I would inspire a movement built on anti-ignorance regarding people of different backgrounds, whether that be genetics, sexual orientation or social status. Bullying, hate-speech and discrimination is still very much alive in the world and it needs to end now.

Where can everyone stream your music?

On all major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora amongst others.

What are three things you want your audience to know about you?

I love my dog Lukah (four year old Papillion), I love living an active/healthy lifestyle and I enjoy steak.
What is a day in the life of Adam like leading up to a show?

I’ll start off my day with iced black coffee – no milk. I start doing breathing and vocal exercises in the morning and keep going throughout the day with intermittent breaks. I usually do late shows so I’ll get my makeup and hair done in the late afternoon/early evening. I drink smoothies and eat salads with chicken as my meals to avoid feeling bloated when I know I’m going to have to sing and dance and look good! I try to stretch during all my off time and will do a good stretch before I go on stage.

What do you find most rewarding about live performance?

Live performance is so rewarding because it’s all in about the moments. Each performance gives me the opportunity to connect with the audience and it’s so rewarding to see people vibing and dancing to my music. Performing live is what it’s all about to me.
Most Challenging or demanding part of your career currently?

I am a self-motivator and have to push myself to get as hands-on as possible if I want anything done a certain way. I guess that’s the biggest challenge… being my own boss.

If you could share a stage with anyone, who and where would it be?

Does this include those dead and alive? I wish I could perform with Elvis Presley.

What tips would you share with an LBGTQ artist just starting out?

I would say be true to yourself and don’t pander too much. Find that balance. I think people may end up feeling disconnected from you if you try to sell them on something that you think they want but is not true to you.

How do you stay relevant on IG?
I try to produce content that’s unlike what I’ve done in the past. Always looking to outdo myself. I also pay attention to trends and what other successful artists and influencers are doing. I like to interact with my fans and will answer most DMs.