Oscar A. Reconco (1957-2010)

Oscar Reconco was one of Adelante Magazine’s original writers. His columns brought enlightment, education and empowerment to thousands who followed him monthly. Oscar was loved by many and very kind to all those he met. He will be deeply missed and fondly remembered.

This issue of Adelante Magazine is dedicated in his memory.

Pepe Torres & Al Ballesteros, Publishers

Oscar Reconco – En Memoria

Oscar Reconco—a community activist, spiritual leader, loyal friend and one of the most joyful individuals many of us have ever met—made his transition this past July 3 in Pahrump, Nevada. Oscar died in peace, in the company of Ron, his long-time love; his mother and sister.

Oscar, a native of Honduras, left in our hearts a proud and rich legacy of activism, spirituality and friendship. Many met Oscar through his activism (Cara a Cara Latino AIDS project, AltaMed, U.S. Census, Clínica Oscar A. Romero, Alianza, animal rights), his art (Somos Humanos, Viva!), his spirituality (metaphysician, disciple of Incan Shamans and Reverend), entrepreneur (siempre andaba vendiendo algo), and his teachings (personal advisor and featured speaker around the globe). But nothing was more important to him than Ron, his family, his community and his friends.

Everywhere Oscar went, he became a local celebrity. He moved to Pahrump in 2003, and in a matter of a few months, he had already been interviewed by local TV stations and newspapers. He would say “soy de teatro, cine, radio, televisión y ahora hasta de la Internet y Youtube.” He loved the public, and the public loved him back. Oscar was a very proud and courageous openly gay man in a very small, conservative town. His store, Ancient Secrets, became a refuge for many LGBT people, as that was one of the few safe spaces for miles around.

Oscar was in love with life, with all living beings and even non-living matter. For him, the energy of life danced everywhere: from crystals, to rocks, to human beings, to animals, to earth. Swimming with dolphins, literally and figuratively, put him in a meditative state. He used to share that some of his most profound insights about life and death came from these meditations and that the dolphins brought him to a point of enlightment. Given the state of our natural environment, it makes sense that the animals in our planet are the most vulnerable among us and have a very valuable message for us all: we are one and need to take care of each other. This was Oscar’s life commitment and message.

As committed as Oscar was about everything he got involved in, Oscar never stopped having fun! Even in his most painful moments, he would crack a joke, make a gesture, or laugh his heart out. Every time we were around him, our zest for life got recharged. As we used to say: “it is impossible to be depressed around Oscar.” After not seeing Oscar for a couple of months, many of us joked about having “Oscar Reconco withdrawals,” as we craved his company so much, and we will forever.

While our hearts are heavy with sadness, we know that Oscar wants us to celebrate life. His physical body is no longer among us, but his spirit will live in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

by: Roland Palencia