Reviews – August 2009


LEDISILedisi – Turn Me Loose
Sophomore Verve

The artist braided brilliant strains of the different sounds she loved while growing up in Oakland, Calif. Rock, blues, classic soul, funk and hip-hop are all fused together throughout Turn Me Loose. Ledisi often merges the old with the new. The funky title track, for instance, updates the sassy grooves of vintage Stax.

MaxwellMaxwell – BLACKsummers’night

The sexy ambassador of soul has returned with a brand new look and a fresh yet deliciously vintage sound. His fourth studio album and first in eight years, BLACKsummers’night is the sound of an artist taking the commitment to his craft and the conversation with his audience that much further.

vicenteVicente Fernández – Necesito de Ti
Sony Music

Para beneplácito de sus admiradores, y de todos los amantes de la música ranchera, Vicente Fernández lanza su nueva producción “Necesito de Ti”. Un disco de colección –como todo lo que hace este inmortal artista- integrado por 11 temas completamente inéditos. El primer sencillo, cuyo nombre coincide con el título del disco, se ha convertido en un verdadero éxito.

Christian_EscuredoChristian Escuredo – Cautivo
Quela Records

Christian Escuredo es un artista ya maduro en la interpretación musical y escénica. Sus registros de voz y la versatilidad en la ejecución de los temas lo convierten en un reclamo ineludible para los fans de la música más ecléctica. Cautivo agrupa un total de 11 temas inéditos que abarcan desde el pop rock, a la balada. Las letras están especialmente pensadas y cuidadas.

broncoBronco – El Mundo No Se Detiene
Fonovisa Records

“El Mundo No Se Detiene”, es un álbum que contiene 10 temas que prometen ser éxitos con todos sus fieles seguidores. Musicalmente el álbum muestra ese sonido único y tradicional ‘grupero’ el cual ha revolucionado al género regional mexicano. El primer sencillo de su nueva producción se titula “Enamorado”.


the_soloistThe Soloist
Paramount Home Entertainment

The Soloist is a moving and emotional story of the transformative power of friendship. When López discovers former classical music prodigy Nathaniel Anthony Ayers playing his violin on the streets of L.A., he endeavors to help the troubled genius find his way back. The unique bond forms between them makes for a poignant and soaring tale that is “Powerful and inspiring”. On DVD August 4th.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Delgo takes place in a magical world where two civilizations, divided by fear, and two hearts, guided by love, have one chance to save their world. With the help of a devious traitor and two bumbling servants, an exiled Empress kidnaps the Nohrin princess and frames a Lockni teenager, Delgo, for the crime, igniting a war between their people.

one_wayOne Way
Vivendi Entertainment

Star advertising executive, Eddie has the seemingly perfect life. He just landed a huge account, he earned a promotion and he’s about to marry the boss’ daughter. But when he provides a false alibi for an accused rapist in order to protect his career and upcoming marriage, Eddie winds up in over his head with more than he bargained for. Now on DVD.

Buena Vista Home Entertainment

The most hilariously awful job in the world turns into the most unforgettable summer of a young man’s life in Adventureland. Director Greg Mottola follows up his runaway hit comedy Superbad with an irreverent and insightful look back at the summer of 1987 and that last bittersweet moment between college and the “real world.” On DVD August 25th.

the_tiger's_tailThe Tiger’s Tail
MGM Home Entertainment

Seeming to have the world in the palm of his hands – a beautiful wife, home and boat – Liam O’Leary crosses paths with his apparent double – a man no one seems to see. While O’Leary’s family and colleagues believe that stress at work is causing him to go crazy, a confrontation with the mystery man uncovers a shocking truth about his past and forces him to question his own identity. On DVD August 11th.