Samara May

Cynthia Lee Fontaine, Memoirs of Her CuCu!
Photos courtesy of Logo
By S. Riviera,

The love child of Charo and Patti LuPone Ms Cynthia Lee Fontaine is taking over the small screen over at Logo in RuPaul’s Drag Race season 8 with her wacky sense of humor. She’s loco! And she’s a Texarican too. Ok, I think I just invented a new word. Well she is from Puerto Rico and lives in Texas. So Texarican. She’s also a pageant queen and a drag clown. Not just anyone can be beautiful and funny honny. Hay caramba! And if you can’t wait for your weekly dose of her Cucu on the show you can now check out her youtube channel for Memoirs of My Cucu, her own web show. Y ahora se va a meter a la actuación y al canto. Y ya cumplió su décimo aniversario como draga. Ándale mama que vas pa’riba. Dale, dale!

Samara: Tell us a little bit about your life growing up in P.R.?
Cynthia: Amazing. My childhood was beautiful, full of love and always surrounding by talent and happiness.

Samara: How did you end up in Texas?
Cynthia: My mom and my stepfather live in Texas for almost 15 years. I decided to moved from Puerto Rico because I was looking for better job oportunities.

Samara: How did the drag start?
Cynthia: I started in 2006. It was an accident! One of my best friends couldn’t be able to assist to his own show, and he always told me I’ll be ended up doing drag. That night I perform 2 numbers and MC the show. After I get $42.00 in tips I saw bussines! Lol Since that this is my 10th anniversary doing drag!

Samara: What do people tell you when they see you out of drag?
Cynthia: How beautiful and entertaining is your character.

Samara: Tell us about your experience on being cast in RuPaul’s Drag Race?
Cynthia: Amazing. The most exciting part was meeting RuPaul. One dream come true!!

Samara: Who has been the bitchiest and who has been the nicest to you on the show?
Cynthia: All the girls my sisters are amazing! I mean their personalities are huge and very competitive. Love them all!

Samara: Were you edited accurately or did they make you look like you are something that you are not on the show?
Cynthia: I believe they presented me on the show the way that I am. However I speak English and Spanish pretty well! Lol

Samara: What are your career plans now?
Cynthia: I’m focus on my you tube show “Memoirs of My Cucu” that I have almost 50,000 viewers. Later continue with my acting career and do some music.

Samara: Tell us about your cucu girl?
Cynthia: “CUCU” was a very funny story. When I was a child it was prohibited to say any bad words at home. Mom doesn’t allowed me to say them. So instead of “culo” (that means ass) anytime I have to go to the bathroom I said “mami cucu popo” lol Since that and after the show my cucu is famous. lol

Samara: Últimas palabras para tus fans que hablan español.
Cynthia: No te rindas. Porque cuando uno tiene un sueño hay que luchar contra viento y marea para alcanzarlo y convertirlo en una realidad, aunque seas tú el único que creas en el. Los amooo. Xoxoxo