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Hello my dear readers here are more exercises and stretches to make sure you get the most benefits from my workout “25 REPS CIRCUIT TRAINING WORKOUT”. Remember that stretching is FUNDAMENTAL part for a successful “physical fitness” that will help you avoid muscles soreness and stiffness and also will make your muscles growth and look tone and define. Click in the You Tube ink to see the workout.
Flexibility is define as the range of motion possible around a joint(such as the shoulder)or around a series of joints(such as the spine). This range of motion is dependent on the extensibility of the soft tissues (muscles or tendons) around the joint itself. Here are some benefits of a regular Flexibility Program. The maintenance and improvement in flexibility is especially important for older adults with declining flexibility along with reduce muscle mass and decreased muscle strength and endurance can result in less mobility or even loss of function.

Remember always to warm up your body at least 10 – 15 min. before performing a stretch program.

Benefits of Flexibility Training:

Decreased risk of injury.
Decreased chronic muscle tension.
Decreased lower back pain.
Decreased stress.
Improve posture.
Relief of muscle soreness.
Increased mind and body connection.
Detoxification of the body.
Improve ability to perform activities of daily living without pain or less pain.

Here are 4 of some of the basic stretches to do after a hard workout. I will teach you more in the next issues along with another workout. First Learn this ones:

Make sure you copy my posture as you see in the images and my cues.

1 – Full frontal flexion of the spine (stretching hamstrings, calves).
From standing position with legs open bend your body forward keeping legs straight dropping you head down and trying to touch your legs with your hands to stretch hamstrings and back. (see image #1). Sustain 3 to 5 minutes the stretch.

2 – Child Pose (stretching shoulders and Lats).
Facing down and on your knees extend both arms as much as you can and move back your gluts towards you heels to stretch shoulders and Lats ( see image #2). Sustain 3 to 5 minutes the stretch.

3 – Down Dog (stretching, lower back, calves, hamstrings).
From child pose keep your hands on the floor and extend your legs straight directing your gluts to the sky to stretch back, lower back, hamstrings and calves. (look image #3) Sustain 3 to 5 minutes the stretch.

4 – Runner Stretch (stretching quads, glutes).
From down dog step one leg forward making sure your knee of this leg does not pass your feet (please look at the image in detail) keep the other leg fully straight to stretch quadriceps, groin, gluts and extend the arm of the same side of the leg that is in front of you. (see image #4). Sustain 3 to 5 minutes the stretch.

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