TRX make your Body your own Machine

“TRX make your Body your own Machine”
Suspension Training

Hello, Dear Readers. I hope you are all ok. We have good news. Vaccines are being deliver all over the states. It will take TIME to reach the whole country and we will have to wait for our turn. Now people over 65, essential workers, fire men and nurses are being vaccinated. Even if one has had a vaccine, we still must keep the Social Distance and Face Masks until we learn more from the CDC.

Let me show you another piece of equipment to use in your home giving you great work outs and diverse exercises with no impact or damage to your Body. Let’s talk about Resistance Training which includes Body Weight Exercises. This means using our body weight with compound exercise movements to help develop strength, balance, flexibility and joint stability.

The TRX has three BASIC FACTORS: LEVER, GRAVITY AND BALANCE. These three factors will make your workout as hard and exciting as you want! I tell you these workouts are kick ass. No cheating or not putting in 100% effort and attention on it. When you do one of these work outs, you will see that the “Holly Spirits” are talking to you before you pass out. There are some rules to follow in these workouts.

For most standing movements, positioning your feet closer to the anchor point will increase resistance and heighten the challenge. Stepping farther away from the anchor point will decrease resistance and make movements easier to execute. For ground-based movements, moving your feet away from the anchor point will increase resistance and heighten the challenge. Moving your feet towards the anchor point or behind the anchor point will decrease resistance and make movements easier to execute.

The STABILITY PRINCIPLE in general, performing movements with a narrower base of support or unilaterally (using just one arm or one leg instead of both arms or both legs) will increase the challenge of TRX movements. The wider your base of support, the more stable you will be during TRX movements and the less challenging they will be to perform.

1.- “TRX PLANK working Chest, Shoulders and Abs”.

To do this PLANK your body will be Horizontal. You have to keep your hands right in front of your shoulders and you will contract your abdominals. Arms are LOCKED. Your feet will be in the straps on the TRX. Be careful to assume this position because it will take some time to do it by yourself. Perhaps ask a trainer or member to help you. Notice that my feet are close to one another (please look at the image in detail). Once you are in POSITION hold in your abs and do the push down (inhale) and come back all the way down to the floor (exhale). This exercise requires lots of balance and strength. Remember your whole body from head to toe is totally horizontal. (please see the image). 4 sets x 15 Push Ups. See image #1.

2.- “TRX SQUAT “working all your legs and especially your buttocks

Both feet are on the ground opened as wide as your Hips. As you see in the image, start by going back to tense the TRX (remember it can’t be loose). You will have to position your legs and KNEES wider than your hips. Rehearse how far you must go and do a test to make sure that when you squat, your knees never pass the front of your shoe (Inhale). Keep your back straight and play with your body weight leaning your body back and working against the gravity when you come up and down doing the SQUATS (Exhale). If you want to have an intense work out, please review your technique doing Squats. Go as DEEP DOWN in the SQUAT and when you come up, squeeze your BUTT UP and DO NOT LOCK your legs (that’s a really bad technique if you lock your legs). 4sets x 20reps.See image #2.

3.-”TRX CHEST “working out your chest, triceps and abs.

Look at my posture. Put your feet as wide apart as your hips and situated a little more in front, how I am in the image. Position your body in a straight line and your hands steady close to your shoulders and your nipples (please see the image in detail); arms flexed squeeze your Abs (inhale). This is already HARD! Now as you STRAIGHTEN your arms squeeze the chest and feel how gravity is making your chest work like Crazy. Slowly come back to the starting position. (exhale).4sets x 20 reps. See image #3.

4.-”TRX TRICEPS” working intensely your triceps and abs.

Put your feet close to one another and situate them as you see how mine are in the image; half way between standing raise your elbows UP to the level of your shoulders and hands close to your ears, arms flexed (inhale). (see image in detail). As you squeeze your abs you will extend your forearms and fully straighten your arms working with gravity to hit the TRICEPS muscles (exhale). Slowly come back to start position. (exhale). 4sets x 20 reps. See image #4.

REMEMBER you have to find a steady place where you can anchor the TRX (see the images in detail) and adjust the straps depending the exercise you will perform. Please warm up 15 mins on a treadmill to prepare your Body for all the movements. Enjoy the TRX Work out!!!!.

To help you see and understand these movements, please go to my FACEBOOK : TU ENTRENADOR OCTAVIO or http://octaviofitness.blogspot.com/
Thanks to Tony Wiseniewski owner of ULTRABODYFITNESS GYM. http://ultrabodyfitness.com/ for using his beautiful gym for these pics

Octavio Master Trainer