“TWO DYKES AND A MIC” By McKenzie Goodwin & Rachel Scanion

By Laura Moreno

“”Two Dykes and a Mic” is the hit podcast created by stand-up comedians and best friends McKenzie Goodwin and Rachel Scanlon.

Their magnetic chemistry and quick wit have propelled Goodwin and Scanlon to the top of the charts as their LGBTQ audience continues to grow.

Hilariously funny, insightful, and full of heart, the duo dish up the latest on sex, love, and middle-aged actresses among many other fascinating topics.

Currently, the two extremely talented comedians are on tour in the U.S. and Canada, taping live shows in a number of different locations.

But whether they are on-stage with a live audience or are tucked away in a studio, the show is the same so you won’t miss a thing.

A Hilarious Show with a Serious Mission

The platonic pair started their weekly podcast in 2017 when they were in their 20s to address the many questions they had about the queer community and dating.

“There are a lot of people who don’t have a queer best friend to ask those questions to. So I think we’re starting conversations that genuinely are like, ‘Wait, how do you go on a first date with a woman? How do you talk to women?’ It’s nice to hear two gay best friends telling you how to do it,” said Goodwin.

Goodwin and Scanlon keep listeners abreast of the latest with their Gay News segment, and address Topics You Wish Were in the Gay Media, like what to do in case you’ve “accidentally slept with your entire pickleball team.”

Other fan favorites include dating advice with Ask a Dyke, real life stories on bad dates with Bumble Fumbles, and questions such as “Is wearing flannel while straight queer bating?” Every episode keeps the listeners in stitches.

“Let queer people be silly and full of joy even when June ends. The other months are super gay too!” says Goodwin.

Dream Job

As Scanlon told Xtramagazine.com: “When I was coming out, all I wanted to do was be in queer spaces, but the spaces I found all had this kind of sensual, serious energy. I’m not a serious lesbian, and I’ve never been a serious lesbian. All I ever wanted my whole young queer life was to be with queer people and be silly. All we want to do is laugh with our gay friends. If you know queer women, you know that we are the funniest, most lively, most caring people that you’ll ever get to meet. I always wanted to see that represented. We just want to let lesbians laugh.”

And on being able to do this with her best friend? Goodwin said, “…to get back to our hotel after a long day of doing weird stuff and decompress with each other, laughing all night long—it’s like summer camp every single night.”

Their brand of comedy is a life of spreading joy and helpful information to the queer world. “Oh my god, it is honestly the dream.”

Their surprise special guests have included Margaret Cho, Mae Martin, and E.R. Fightmaster.