What is Christmas?

It’s that time of the year again. The holidays are here and Christmas is upon us. Most people celebrate Christmas whether they’re religious, spiritual, or neither. December 25th and the weeks around it hold some of the biggest celebrations around the world. But why do we celebrate Christmas? Have you ever stopped and thought about it, seriously. Is it because your parents tough you since birth? Because your church or religion tell you to? Because it’s the common thing to do like everyone else? Well this year I want you to stop for a minute and think why do you celebrate Christmas.

Did you know that some experts claim Jesus Christ was not born on Christmas Day? They claim he was born sometime in late September. And that Christmas originated from a Roman pagan holiday. I think that most of us would agree that anything pagan cannot be good. So why do YOU celebrate Christmas?

OK, for arguments sake let’s say that Jesus Christ was born on December 25th. Happy Birthday Jesus. So we all celebrate his birth. Fine. We have a nice dinner with the family. We eat turkey or tamales or both. We spend good, quality time with our families and loved ones. OK, nice. One time out of the year when we can all hang out and spread love around towards each other. But where in the hell does this Santa Clause character fit in? What the heck does he have to do with the birth of baby Jesus? And what about cutting down all those beautiful green trees and killing the environment while were at it. I thought we were supposed to cut back on cutting trees down? We now know it’s a bad thing for our mother earth.

And what about all the power we over-use with all those Christmas lights. Some neighborhoods have whole blocks of houses lit up for months on end. Think about how much extra electricity is being used up. I thought we were supposed to be cutting down on that too. That’s why they have those energy saving light bulbs now. And just who enjoys the stress, headache, and credit card over-usage on all that shopping for gifts. You know for us normal people buying expensive gifts for each other will make us go broke for a year or so. Of course we can’t have a holiday without the drunken parties.

Yeah all in the name of Jesus! Woo hoo! Throw in some naked buff santas and some sexy elf chicas. Come on you guys. What have we made of Christmas? Should we even have a Christmas? Me personally am cutting down on the “holiday” celebrations because I’ve taken a step back and realized that we have made a mockery of these so called holidays. So all of this for a holiday that were not even sure is supposed to exist. Just because they tell us since birth to celebrate it? Come on. Question authority, always.

So all that jibberish was for just in case Jesus was born on December 25th. And what if he wasn’t? Do you need more reasoning? OK, so I don’t want to be a scrooge anymore than a Jehova’s Witness but have you ever thought they might be on to something. I mean yeah they take it a step further but can’t we meet halfway. I say starting this holiday season have a nice dinner with family and loved ones, spread love and joy, and look up the origins of Christmas on youtube or google it. Let’s make our part in really making this world a better place for us all. That is what the meaning of Christmas (whether its Jesus’s birthday or not) should be about.

Although lets try to keep it for the rest of the year not just for one day. And please, please I urge you to stop harming our mother earth by cutting down all her gorgeous green trees, use less and less lights on houses, stop buying your spoiled children expensive toys they don’t need, and for goodness’ sakes get rid of that satan clause. Oh yeah and one more thing. No more naked santas, slutty elf chicks, or getting wasted drunk in the name of Navidad. So, let’s all have a nice winter holiday season and spread love and joy to the world.