“Breath , Move, Concentrate and Stretch”

As I mentioned before we need to enhance our IMMUNE SYSTEM eating right and EXERCISING, more than ever researches had agreed that being HEALTHY is the key to NOT getting this VIRUS. So now we have to literally take our ass to MOVE and to focusing to do exercise probably in your home…. Here I want to show you some Yoga Stretches to make your blood moving in your BODY and thanks to the BREATHING you can release the STRESS of this difficult Times….

Here are some Yoga Poses, please “warm up” at least 15 to 20mins in a treadmill before you start these Stretches:

1.- Forward Fall with open legs (stretching lower back, hamstrings, glutes, calves).

Please try to keep your legs Straight and your hands in each leg as SUPPORT and BALANCE for this bending forward Stretch, Breath deep and Slow and also keep your stomach sucked in…so stay standing and assume the position, keep your back straight (inhale)…. then as you exhale bend your torso forward, put your hands in each leg, hold it for 1 minute and then return to standing position. Repeat these 10 times. See image #1.

2.- Power Triceps Position (mainly triceps, shoulders, chest, abs).

Face down to the Mat…Please keep your elbows and triceps CLOSE to your Body(see the image)as you exhale you will push UP yo
ur all body away from the floor completely horizontal and go up HALF WAY to only engage the TRICEPS, hold really tight your ABS and keep your head straight and not hanging like a death chicken, inhale come back to lying down on the mat (starting position) and repeat this breathing deep and controlled 15-20 times and please don’t cry, it’s very hard so concentrate in your execution. . 4 set 15-20 reps. See image #2.

3.- Flowing Triangle Pose Ending Position(balance, abs, hamstrings stretch, calves, lower back stretch, chest and shoulder stretch).

Now Inhale ..Put your LEFT arm fully straight to you left foot opening your chest and shoulder using your right arm that will be UP to the sky vertically and align with both shoulders(see the image) the more you hold your core and open your RIGTH arm you will feel the stretch of your waist and Lower Back, Chest and Shoulders plus an amazing stretch of the glut, hamstring and calve HOLD for 10 sec. then come back to starting position reversing the instructions that I had give you, then repeat and think in breathing and FLOWING to each position holding abs and lots of concentration. Do 10 reps. each side, the stronger you get you will flow better into this position. See image #3.

4.- Dancer Stretch (balance, stability, core, major gluts -hamstring stretch,calve,back stretch).

Very IMPORTANT the starting position (see image in detail)..FIRST : right leg on the back fully locked and LEFT leg is in FRONT TRYING TO KEEP THEM AS LOCKED As you exhale keep holding your stomach , bend you torso forward and moving both arms all the way to the front towards the floor(if you can’t reach use the Yoga Blocks)make sure you keep your RIGTH leg fully locked while your LEFT leg is straight helping to push and support on the RIGTH leg Hold for 10 secs, now INHALE again and as you EXHALE using you ONLY your ABS bring your Torso UP and ARMS to starting position, if you do this as I say it’s a challenging exercise for your whole body. Repeat 5 – 10 times each leg. See image#4.

Dear readers PLEASE keep taking all the precautions to avoid getting INFECTED, practice Social Distance, Clean and Disinfect at the Gym the machine you are using, wash and wash your hands all the time, Do NOT gather more than 10 people in one room, NOW…BY LAW in California GYMS WILL REQUIRE MASK AND GLOVES mandatory. …PRESPECT YOU AND RESPECT ALL THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU…..” We are all in this together”.

Octavio Master Trainer.
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Thanks so much to Tony Wiseniewski owner of ULTRABODYFITNESS GYM. 
http://ultrabodyfitness.com/ for using his Beautiful gym for these pics.
Octavio Master Trainer.