Your best moment

By: Eder Díaz Santillán

April is popularly known as the perfect month according to the songs and poems that so many artists have left us. The month when nature flourishes, love overflows and the joy of living is easy. We already know that life is not a song nor is it a poem. The moment is always more complicated.

But why not subject ourselves to an illusion to see things from a different perspective? In a Pedro Almodóvar film called “All About My Mother”, there is aninteresting phrase “a person is happier when he/shebecomes more the way he/she always dreamed of himself/herself”.

I am going to give you a few seconds to think about what those words mean to you … What have you always dreamed of yourself? What would you like to be the most? Who would you really like to be?

Remember one thing, to get to April, you have to go through the summer, which is sometimes very dry and hot. September and October bring fires and more droughts. We can have freezingtempetures in November and December, then rain and strong winds in January and February. But, if you put up with everything, you get to your month of April. Endure everything, face it, let yourself be hardened by each experience that life puts before you and you will see that your month of April will arrive. But there is something very important so you are able to reach your desired destination – you have to know what it is. You have to know what you want, imagine everything in great detail.

Lately I’ve been practicing visualization a lot. Let’s say that I have always done it, but recently I do it with more intention and with some rituals that I have learned over time from very good friends. How you choose to do it is in your hands, but I highly recommend that, in your days, in your weeks and as the months of the year pass, you do everything you can to talk to yourself. Know well what your illusions are, what your dreams are and remind yourself of them often. Making vision boards at the beginning of every year works very well for me. Every day I visit that board and I remember what I want, if some dreams have changed I let the board reflect those changes, if some were achieved I mark them as “done”. When dreams are not achieved, I thank life for the opportunity of having tried it and with great humility I accept it and leave with what I have learned. You have to be frank, not all dreams come true – that’s a reality. Even the most accomplished person has things in his/her desire that were not acomplished. But the beauty of life doesn’t reside in always triumph, for me, the beauty of life is to live it with a purpose. Getting up every day with a goal in your heart and an illusion in your eyes is what makes the effort worthwhile – but you always have to be very humblewhen you success and have courage when you failure.