By Jorge Diaz, MSW – Clinical Social Worker


Happy Halloween! One of the most exciting nights is only 30 days away, well that depends on how much you get into the Halloween spirit. It could be a fun night of dress up or a quite night of passing out treats to the tricks in your neighborhood or the children trick-o-treaters! In any case, it’s a fun night. Halloween is the night we can be adventures and brave to wear that slutty Superman outfit or that sexy Playboy bunny or a warrior depending on how sexy,  masculine or feminine you are feeling. It’s a night that anything goes and everything should be embraced. It doesn’t matter if the outfit fits your body or not-what matters is that you feel sexy and good about yourself in it. Of course we all have those friends that hit the gym for two straight weeks to get that body into shape while others will draw on their six pack. I know often times we critique each other for wearing things that are not age appropriate or that make us look too fat or too skinny-but who cares, its Halloween and we have the right to be sexy and slutty regardless if the costume is 1 size too small or if the belly or booty is all out.


NO time for the shade or body shamming. Why do we do that to each other? Rather than being supportive to one another-we kill each with shame and negative comments. Its Halloween-relax. If you have that “chubby” friend that wants to be the sexy Batman with just black underwear-support him. If you have that friend that wants to be a sexy warrior but is missing the muscles and six pack-empower him to be the best warrior in his own skin. For those wondering if you should or shouldn’t dress up in drag for the first or fifth time-go ahead and bring out that girl many of us have inside us. Bring out the heels and wigs! It’s a night for playing dress up or dress down. Do not allow anyone to shame you or mock your costume or add the masculine or feminine ruler to it. There is no costume out there that makes you more or less masculine. One night can’t possibly define who you are, and certainly there is no costume out there that defines you as a top or a bottom. Wait, maybe there’s one or two. Just kidding. And finally, there is nothing wrong with staying home and passing out candy, but OMG, get into the spirit. You are never too old to enjoy the festivities. Don’t we all hate that friend or co-worker that is “too cool, too old or too serious” to dress up? Cmon, let the child or inner fun in you come out. Be yourself. Be free and have fun.