Immigrant Lives Under Trump

By Ally Bolour, Law Offices of Ally Bolour

It appears that the news regarding Trump gets worse everyday.  At this writing, the people under consideration for cabinet posts are all very alarming.  The most relevant of those choices is Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama – who Trump has picked to serve as his Attorney General.

For over 20 years, Sessions has been the loudest critic of U.S. immigration policy.   His scorn for the undocumented migrants is well documented.  He is unabashed about his beliefs that immigration is bad for America and it’s been his goal to make immigrant’s lives as hard as possible.  He is also anti LGBT equality.  If confirmed by the Senate – Attorney General Sessions will have vast and extremely destructive powers to accomplish his xenophobic and homophobic goals.

Sessions would be able to allocate the very limited government resources re immigration programs to enforcement as opposed to adjudication of requests for relief.  He would be able to set negative court rulings as precedent.  He can also overturn any precedent decision by designating it for review, granting him a significant power to change immigration policy. Funding for sanctuary cities could be cut, as could funding for immigration court system.

DACA program is likely to end under Trump.  Congress could come up with an actual Dreamer bill, which Trump could sign.  But that remains to be seen.  We also don’t know what the government policy will be with regards to the existing DACA database with the government.  What is for sure is that no new DACA applications should be filed at this time.

The coming 4 years is set to be difficult for immigrant communities all over the country.  However, there are things we can do to prepare.  If you have an immigration issue – make an appointment with your attorney to discuss your options.  If ICE or immigration agents show up at your door – ask to see a warrant before you let them in.  If they don’t have a warrant – tell them to get one before coming back.  If they do have a warrant – let them in -but don’t answer questions without your attorney being present.  Make preparations to take care of your families in case there is a deportation or incarceration.  Such preparations may be in the form of powers of attorneys – both medical and financial, guardianships, wills and trusts.

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