Lo que será, será!

Mary Khon

Hello Queeridos!

It’s November, my queeridos and you are reading this on election day, just a one or two days before the presidential elections or just a few days after. That fact is only known to you. What I’m sure of is that I am writing my thoughts down for this article many days before November 3 so I have no idea if we are either in a better mood or in a worse mood. Or if the country is in a better light or in a worse light. I don’t know if the “proud boys” have gone out start a civil revolution because their candidate didn’t win or if we went out to protest because we were cheated. I don’t know any of that and I won’t know it until elections happen.

At this moment, all I know is that we are living in a very dangerous moment. We are experiencing a lot of fear and anger, and resentment, and uncertainty, and desperation, and anxiety, and I could go on and on and on.

I am hoping that by the time the November issue of this magazine comes out, we are in a better place. Although, many of my closest friends say that we are going to be in a worse place no matter the results of the elections. I understand what they are saying but I don’t’ agree with them. I mean, if things turn out for the better, we, at least, will have the opportunity to take a breath and smile. But if things tun out for the worse, there will be no time to smile.

I don’t know what is going to happen. And right now, I am so overwhelmed with uncertainty and so afraid that we might end up moving in a horrible direction that I have started to say, “Lo que será, será.” That is not a good attitude to live with but as of right now, that is the only defense mechanism I am able to have. It bothers me and it sadness me to know that, mainly because I never been a person who give up or a person who is indifferent about social, cultural, or political change. But I am so exhausted of fighting that I’ve reached my limit—something I never thought I would.

It bothers me to know there are Latinx and LGBTQ+ people who support hate, discrimination, falsehoods, and so many other things the leaders of this country are promoting. It bothers to know there are gay white people support white supremacy. It sadness me to know there are gay people of color who also support white supremacy. And yet, both exists so I am bothered, and I am sad.

I have heard many of my friends saying there are ready to leave the country. If only it was that easy. As of today, most of the world doesn’t any of us on their lands. That should tell you something of how great America is. This country is so great that even our right to be and get marry is, once again, being attack.

I sincerely hope that this November people make the right decision and “make America Great Again” by voting the bully out and his band of racist, white supremacists out. That way, when Thanksgiving comes, we can truly have a reason to be thankful instead of celebrating a date that commemorates the elimination of Native American people under the disguised of religious gratitude for “arriving and founding a new country.”

I hope we can move forward, taking time to undo everything that has been set into place by a complete incompetent leader with the brain of squirrel (my apologies to the squirrels of the world, sincerely). Otherwise we are going to continue going down the rabbit hole and we might never be able to recover.

But see, all these thoughts and wishes are just that, thoughts and wishes that may or may not come true and as you read this article you know the whether they will at least have a chance to come true or they haven’t.

“Lo que será, serᔠand we just will have to move forward putting all our energy in the front lines, hoping for the best, fixing the broken, repairing the non-workable, and mending the damaged. If things turn out for the worse, we would have to spend our time, first, taking care of our broken hearts and bodies, because the defeat will be so great and the damages so immense that it will take the country many years to become the greatest country in the world and the number once country in the world if we are ever able to regain such titles. And once we mend our hears and fix our bodies, we fight. Or I hope that, if you are reading this article after the presidential elections, things look brighter, better, hopeful, happier, and overall peaceful, serene, and calm. May the odds be ever in our favor!