Admit it, you need a retreat!

noun: retreat; plural noun: retreats
synonyms: sanctuary, oasis, shelter, refuge
– A quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax.
– The act of moving away from something hazardous or
unpleasant in order to adopt a more favorable position.

The Spiritual Gayz are offering a three night / four day retreat Friday May 6th to Monday May 9th, to honor the last days of Jupiter in Pisces. Imagine yourself connecting with like-minded seekers in the magical setting of the High Desert.

When you step away from what you know, you enter into a vortex where what is true can be revealed. This retreat promises to help you move and breathe and laugh and swim and let the great wide desert heal you.

It’s time to come together and heal. The last few years have been a reckoning and an awakening. Spiritual community is needed more than ever. This retreat is a safe space to come together and renew our relationships to our own hearts and spirits. Focusing on more experiential practices to bring about an expanded capacity for joy and connection is our goal.

The high desert has always been a sacred place for us. It’s not just where we got married, it’s where we continue to return for insight, guidance, comfort and healing.

We will be taking all the modalities we’ve offered online (Breathwork, Tarot, Astrology, Spirit World Circle) and weaving them together for a cohesive experience focused on delivering healing. We want to empower you to take your practices to the next level.

Activities will include:
• Morning Qi Gong, Yoga and Meditation• Group Tarot Readings• Astrology Workshop• Reading/Healing Exchange
• Healing Breathwork Circles
• Leo Moon Fire Ceremony
• Animist Skills Workshop
• High-Desert Hiking

+ each participant will receive an individual mini-reading from either Angel or Brandon.

Additionally, there will be free time for those who are interested in receiving or giving readings or healings to offer their gifts and sharpen their skills.

And all the information for it is here: