If you were shipwrecked on a deserted island and could take only one tool, which tool would you take? A knife? Rope? Matches? The very best tool you could choose is the tool that will fetch everything else you could possibly need or want.

It is a tool that will remove fear and grant wishes. This amazing instrument can transform the worst situation into one of learning, quality and abundance. What is this magic tool, you ask?

30385379The tool that removes pain and creates prosperity, changes negatives into positives and converts fear into joy is quite simply, gratitude. Practicing gratitude is a life affirming choice that will literally alter thinking into a means of creating all that you desire.

Our thinking causes us to feel and our feelings cause us to respond and to construct our life. If you think negatively, you will feel dark and hopeless and that will cause you to create a negative reality. If you think optimistically, you will feel happy and hopeful and feelings of happiness and optimism cause actions in us that craft a life of prosperity and abundance.

Gratitude is like a magical master key to the Universe. It draws an undeviating link from us to God. We are in direct contact with the divine. With power like this, with a tool like this, we can bring into our lives the people, events and situations that are necessary for us to build the life we envision.

All events and circumstances have a blessing in them and if you practice gratitude, you will find the gift in the wreckage. Our lives are sometimes like the aforementioned storm and shipwreck and if we find ourselves tossed up on a deserted island, and if we practice gratitude, we will find that we are not only blessed with dry land, but all else we will need, so awesome is the power of gratitude.

The mechanizations of gratitude actually require us to think positive and positive thinking creates positive feelings which incur in us the desire to perform positive action resulting in a positive result.

A sense of accomplishment creates gratitude. If you are starting a walking regiment and find you could only go a couple of blocks the first week, you can either berate yourself or celebrate your victory, feeling grateful that you walked a couple of blocks more than you did last week.

Celebrating your win will get you out walking next week and the next and the next and soon you will be doing longer and longer distances. Thoughts create feelings create action. Gratitude is the mainstay that opens up the emotions causing joy and that causes us to act on our feelings of joy.

We have learned not to be grateful for what we have, fearing that if we are grateful for what we presently have then this is as good as it will get. This is precisely the opposite of the Laws of Attraction.

The Laws of Attraction tell us that what we put out, we get back. If we are ungrateful for what we presently have, then why would the Universe bring us the tools to bring in more? How could we, as the directors of our own life, bring in abundance if we see only lack?

A great way to learn to practice gratitude is to begin a gratitude journal. Find a beautiful binder with blank pages. Begin listing all that you have.

You need not feel grateful at this point if you are unable. Flip your perspective. If you are not sitting there naked, list the clothes on your back. If you are not dead, list the fact that you are alive.

Start with the basics. If you are not starving, list the horrible leftover tuna fish sandwich you ate last night. Again, the focus here is not the tuna fish sandwich, but the fact that you ate.

Every single day, make a list of that for which you are grateful. Did you get up and breathe today? List the oxygen that keeps you alive. Eventually, you will find that you do not have to look so hard and that gratitude listing comes much more naturally.

Start a gratitude ritual. Begin your day by waking up and saying thank you so loud it wakes your neighbors. If you have an exercise routine, say thank you for each movement. Walking up or down stairs? Say “thank” on one step and “you” on the next, over and over.

Gratitude also helps you to manifest the things you desire. If you want a new car, tape a picture of it in a prominent spot. Say thank you for the car and feel the gratitude you would feel as if it was already yours.

Get into your present car and pretend like it is your new car. Feeling grateful for something you want and behaving as if you already have it causes the Universe to align itself with your feelings of gratitude. Remember that feeling grateful for something draws it to you.

Eventually, you will find that you are walking through the world feeling grateful for everything you see, touch, smell or encounter. You will no longer need to practice because you will become gratitude itself and the Universe will respond by providing you more and more for which to be grateful.

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By: Maria Etta Anabel