Premios Billboard de la Música Mexicana – The Red Carpet Arrivals!

Woo hoo! Arriba, arriba! Viva México mi gente! OK, so a lot of you saw the Premios Billboard de la Música Mexicana on Telemundo several weeks ago. Old news right. Well I don’t wanna talk about the actual awards show as much as I want to talk about what happened on the red carpet. For the second year in a row, my blog, had a reserved spot on the red carpet to do interviews of the stars as they arrived at the Dolby Theater on Hollywood Blvd. I’m so grateful and thankful to my Universal God for that! Woo hoo! #luckygirl.

The day started off a little wet. It seemed that the only day it rained all year long was that particular day of the event. Grrr… After getting a little wet on the red carpet the stars started to arrive. Let me start off with two of the hosts of Telemundo’s Titulares y Más Edgar and Mirella. Karim was off haciendo una de las suyas. Edgar remembered me right away after having met him a couple of nights prior to the event at the premiere party for the Titulares y Más show going to five days a week. He was exciting, cool and nice. Mirella, well she was barely meeting me for the first time but she was cool.

Then I caught up with la diva María Conchita Alonso who’s got a new reality show about her life and some more projects she’s working on. Of course she’s always fabulous like the diva she is. She didn’t look to well put together, as a matter of fact I don’t know why she was there. I don’t know she just seemed a little out of place. But it’s OK she’s one of my favorite divas so it was nice catching up with her. I had met actriz Cynthia Olavarria, a former beauty queen at the Miss Universe pageant and was in El Rostro de la Venganza on Telemundo, at the press event for the awards show the day before so she was a total sweetheart and down to earth. She is gorge people just gorge.

Then came teen heartthrob and little brother to Gerardo Ortiz, Kevin Ortiz. He is such an adorable little boy with his cute green eyes. Las chiquillas se vuelven locas por él. OMG! He has some really crazy fanatical tween fans. He was a nice cute boy. Nothing bad to say about him. Just those ojitos verdes OMG! But three characters… I mean stars who did not make their way to us on the red carpet were the nights hosts Rafael Amaya and Aylin Mujica and the unapproachable Marlene Favela, she’s gorgeous folks, at least on the outside I have no idea about the inside. I had already met Mr. Amaya and Ms Mujica the day before and they were cordial but Ms Favela just seemed untouchable. Well I did manage to get good pictures of and with them for your viewing pleasure.

I got a lot of fabulous interviews but of course I saved the best for last. The three that you gays will be interested in are…’s winner for best ass on the red carpet Mr. David Chocarro. Google him right now bitches. But for those of you who watch Telemundo you will remember him as “el niño monstro” on El Rostro de la Venganza. When Universal God created hunks on the 8th day he created the likeness of Mr. Chocarro. Hay mama mía que machote Argentino! Tan bello él. And of course’s award for prettiest boy goes to Mr. Gabriel Coronel, whom I’ve become red carpet buddies with. Google him right now pretty boy lovers. Always a sweetheart, always a gentleman Mr. Coronel can be seen right now on Telemundo’s Marido en Alquiler playing Antonio. I’ve interviewed him several times and you just can’t help but to feel all giddy when you’re in his presence. Esos ojasos verdes también que no acaban. Hay papi lindo! Y también estubo su compañero de Telenovela en Marido en Alquiler el señorazo Juan Soler. Este hombre se gana el premio de por ser el más carismático y down to earth telenovela divo of all-time. Solo tengo buenas palabras de este hombre. Nice, sweet, attentive, cute and funny. Many should take notes from him.

Well that was the highlights of the awards show. A wonderful day not to ever be forgotten. One interview I did miss was la draga que fue vestida de Paquita la del Barrio, Rubén Cerros. Hay que perra esta loca eh. Lol. To check out my exclusive interviews just search on youtube my name and the artists name. Enjoy mi gente! Have a beautiful Thanksgiving Dinner people.

S. Riviera –