The ART of Franco Americano


I am an American born Sephardi-Jewish artist. I am a self-taught artist discovering the exposure of emotion and the human form in my art, creating portraits that embody the male, both iconic Sephardi imagery and my own imagination.


My work reflects my Jewish religious background combined with the sensuality and strength of the male. The bearded male often dominates the classic Americano look.


My father encouraged me from a very young age to express myself through art and music.  I learned a form of communication with paint and canvas at the age of eight.  My palette is inspired from the natural surroundings of my birth place of Colorado. The shapes of the Rocky Mountains and the skies of near by New Mexico would inspire my growth as an artist indefinitely.  


I distinctively present a central figure in oil paint, translated on to canvas as each person’s inner landscape.  My painting language is rendered by distinctive bold outlines, organic shapes and intensely blended brushwork, which fuses with expressionist color -saturated hues and matte palettes.  My figures are exaggerated forms posed within a dark and dreamy realm, offering elusive idiosyncratic portraits with a wide-range of fluctuating sensual expressions.


Last year I exhibited with We Choose Art, Tag Gallery and USC JAI. I ended the year participating in a very important exhibition in Jerusalem, Israel.  My work was show cased with 200 other international artists from 15 different countries in the “Jerusalem Biennale” under the art group Jewish Artists Initiative. I was fortunate enough to visit Israel and experience this brilliant exhibition first hand.


I have always been very passionate about my art, and I will continue to live and work as a full time artist. I am currently working on a solo show that will showcase my “Bearded Men” portraits summer 2020. Later in the summer, I will study and paint abroad in Israel. Focusing on landscape and portraits. 


The human psyche is constantly seeking balance within itself and the outer world.  In this need to find balance, in of whatever shape or expression it takes, acts as a shield against unpredictability and the potential chaos of human emotions. Whether a village landscape or a human figure contorted, my work strives to portray every day’s inner struggle to find balance.

“I paint human kind with its delicate flesh and determined psyche.”


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