The Art of Mela Troncoso


I am Mela Troncoso. As a child born in a peaceful little, storybook village in San Antonio Pajonal, El Salvador, isolated and far away from so much of the spinning world events of the 20th century, it was a peaceful repose to reflect, to meditate and embrace all the natural, bountiful beauty nature of flowers had bestowed through the lens of our senses.

It was there from which I became a messenger of serenity and beauty, transposing what I had experienced into the cascading watercolor and acrylic portraits of succulent and colorful flowers and grown foods arising from the earth itself as if to invite homage to a tranquility and veneration of life of peace now seeming further away as the fanciful Camelot.

Coming to USA was my dream to study and one day share with others the love for flowers that I have in my heart. I studied art techniques and honed by abilities to speak and share through the silence of watercolor and acrylic art for other eyes and souls to look behind the curtain into another world abstracted from my mind and heart, as I exhibited on Día De Los Muertos Celebration at Hollywood Forever Cemetery where my flowers of my heart were proudly exhibited with other talented and varied artists in October of 2017.

As an artist I feel great joy to see my work enjoyed by others. Like poppies enjoyed by millions of people in the fields.


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