Training your Torso

Training your Torso
” Buff and Cut Resistance Band”

Hello, My Dear Readers: I hope you had a safe Christmas and a wonderful New Year 2021. In 20 days, the nightmare for the last four years will be gone. President Joe Biden will lead us to a better, smarter, truthful Government and America be respected again around the world.

I’m not sure if we are still in “lock down” so we should work out at home. This time I want to show you exercises with Resistance Bands and how different and dynamic these exercises are. You oversee how intense to make your training session. Core stabilization or squeezing your Abdominals will help you start and end of the exercise with precision. Contraction and extension will help all your extremities move through their range of motion.

When you get your Bands make sure you get the colors correct: Yellow is very light, green is easy, red is medium, blue is hard and black is extra hard. The stronger you become, you can mix colors and Bands to push extra in your work out. Also, before you use the Bands make sure they are not broken.

When using the Bands and focusing on the muscles you are working, you will break a sweat very fast. You will feel pumped and your muscles on fire. As I mentioned before if you don’t get distracted this will feel as a Cardio Burning Fat Routine. Also find a steady bar or a place to place your Bands.

Here are some exercises for your Torso, Chest and Triceps:

1.- Standing Chest Press (chest, shoulders, triceps).
Position your body as you see mine, semi-lunge position in the legs, hands grabbing the band, arms flexed, elbows level of the shoulder and close to your body. You have will have to move your body forward to make the Band Tense (inhale)….As you (exhale) squeezing your abs and chest, straighten your arms keeping elbows up and level to your shoulders, pushing forward and at the end open your hands (the pectoral tension will be more intense), then flex arms and come back to starting position. 4 sets of 30 reps. See image #1.

2.- Standing Single Cross Punch (chest, shoulders, obliques) Starting Position.
Get in your fight stand, right leg back, Left front, right arm close to your chest grabbing the band, right elbow up always close the side of you upper chest; the other arm is flexed and up at the level of your chest. Hips facing the right side of your body please see the image (inhale). Image#2.

3 – Standing Single Cross Punch (chest, shoulders , obliques) Ending Position.
As you (exhale) you will straighten your right arm, hips will move or twist to the front, squeezing the chest, obliques, abs and keeping the right arm level and fully extended at level of the shoulders. Then comeback with arm flex again to the starting position. Please see the image and my posture. 20 reps each arm and 4 sets. See image #3.

4 – Standing Triceps Extension (triceps, abs).
Put the band on a steady bar or machine, grab the band, feet as wide as your hips and bend your body forward with arms flexed. Your hands and forearms will be close to your biceps and upper chest. Your elbows need to be positioned higher than your back. Please look at the image and you have to keep them always going up so you only work out your triceps (inhale). Then as you (exhale) move your hands and forearms away from you, extending your arms and squeezing your abs and Triceps. Maintain your body bent and your head facing the floor. At the end of the extension of both arms open your hands with fingers open to feel the intense Triceps burn; then flex your arms again and come back to starting position. Please see the image and posture. 20 reps 4 sets. See image #4.

Please continue practicing social distancing and using a FACE MASK. Wash your hands frequently and avoid being in crowds. Soon we will have the vaccine.

To help you see and understand these movements go to my FACEBOOK: TU ENTRENADOR OCTAVIO or Thanks to Tony Wiseniewski owner of ULTRABODYFITNESS GYM. for use of his gym for these pics.

Octavio Master Trainer.